Magic Keep Dungeon

magic keep dungeon

In RAID: Shadow Legends, The Magic Keep Dungeon is where you can get the potions for ascending your Magic type Champions.

Magic Keep is available on Wednesday and Saturday!

The Magic Keep Boss

The Magic Keep boss has some great self-buffs and shields:

  • Mow: AoE skill, 20% chance to decrease the enemies’ turn meter by 50%.
  • Magic Shield: Brings herself a shield which is based on her max HP (actually it’s 50% of her max HP and buff her attack by 50%, or speed by 30%, or defense by 60% (from Stages 7, she applies all of 3 buffs at once). Cooldown: 3 turns.
    • 50% of her max HP at Stages 1-6
    • 100% of her max HP at Stages 7-15
  • Leyline: Increases her damage by 25% for every buff casted. Increases her damage by 100% If she casts a magic shield up.
  • Defense Up: Grants herself a shield at the beginning of the battle
    • 50% of her max HP at Stages 1-6
    • 100% of her max HP at Stages 7-15

The Magic Keep boss comes with 2 minions by her side:

  • The right one removes debuffs and casts a debuff block shield on the boss.
  • The left minion casts an AoE defense decrease debuff on your team.

How to farm in Magic Keep Dungeons?

You should take out the right minion as soon as possible in order to remove the debuff block shield.

It’s hard to defeat her If you cannot prevent her from getting the shield or If you cannot deal enough damage to break the shield.

In the early stages of the game, you can easily break the shield and kill her. However, she will become very dangerous later.

There are 3 ways to deal with her:

  1. Cast a debuff on her which can prevent her from taking buffs (in this case, it’s the Magic Shield). You must take down the right minion first before casting the debuff on her.
  2. Use a Champion who can remove, or at least can lower the duration of the buffs she receives. This helps you lower her damage and helps you kill her faster.
  3. Steal her buffs! It’s actually pretty fun to have a Champion with tons of HP at high levels.

Champions, who can bypass the shields, work too, however, they are pretty rare and have a long cooldown, so they are not very effective in general.

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