Force Keep Dungeon

force keep raid shadowlegends

In RAID: Shadow Legends, the Force Keep Dungeon is where you can get the potions for ascending your Force type Champions.

The Force Keep Dungeon is available on Tuesday and Friday.

Force Keep Boss

The Force Keep Boss is a monster on defense. Be has 3 abilities in total:

  • Smite: AoE damage; 60% chance to deal damage towards your team (cannot be resisted).
  • Quake: AoE damage; 50% chance to stun the enemies, cannot be dodged. Cooldown: 4 turns.
  • Force Armor (Passive): Increase Defense to 1500 (4000 from Stage 7).

The Force Keep Boss has 2 mobs coming with him:

  • The right mob casts a defense buff on the boss.
  • The left mob casts a heal reduction debuff on your team.

Force Keep Farming Guide

This boss is pretty straight-forward. His damage is not high. It just takes a lot of time to kill him as he has thousands of defense, which can be also increased further by the mobs.

You want to take out the right mob first to increase your farming speed. Also, make sure you have a Champion with the defense decrease debuff or Champions which can ignore defense. Removing his own debuff also increases your farming speed.

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