RAID: Shadow Legends Campaign Guide

In RAID: Shadow Legends, you will spend most of your time in the Campaigns during the early game to farm gears and level up your Champions.

raid shadow legends campaigns

RAID: Shadow Legends Campaign Basic Information

  • There are 4 campaign difficulty modes: Normal, Hard, Brutal and Nightmare. Each mode has 12 Campaign Chapters
  • Each campaign chapter has 7 stages. Stage 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 drop each kind of gear. Stage 7 drops all gears from the 6 previous stages.
  • Stage 1 drops weapon, stage 2 drops helmet, stage 3 drops gloves, stage 4 drops chest and stage 6 drop boots.
  • Stages 1-6 drop common and uncommon gears.
  • Stage 7 drops common, uncommon, and rare gears.
  • Each campaign Chapter drops a different set of gears.
    1.  Kaerok Castle: Life Set
    2. Sewers of Arnoc: Offense Set
    3. Catacombs of Narbuk: Defense Set
    4. Durham Forest: Crit Set
    5. Felwin’s Gate: Accuracy Set
    6. Palace of Aravia: Speed Set
    7. Tilshire: Resist Set
    8. Valdemar Strait: Lifesteal Set
    9. The Deadlands: Destroy Set
    10. Godfrey’s Crossing: Retaliation Set
    11. Hallowed Halls: Fury Set
    12. Brimstone Path: Curing Set
  • Energy Cost: Easy = 4; Hard = 6; Brutal = 8.

raid shadow legends campaign farm

The campaign is the best place for farming XP

The campaign is the best place for farming XP and leveling up your Champions (both main ones and fodders).

If your Champions are not maxed out yet, push as far as possible in the game campaign. Then, just farm at the highest possible chapters.

If you are trying to level up your fodders, you want a Farming Champion. Farming Champion is the one who can solo at the chapters you are playing (It’s Galek in the screenshot above).

Basically, you need to send this Champion into the battle with 3 food Champions (because the earned XP is split equally). The food Champions are usually killed in the first round while the farming Champion will make it to the end.

  • All starting champions are generally great at farming.
  • Best Farming Champions are those who has Aoe Skills because you want to kill each stage as soon as possible to increase the overall XP farmed.
  • Champions with primary AoE skill such as Skullcrown, Sinesha, Saurus, etc. or even ones that have multiple Aoe skills.
  • Champions that have Counterattack ability are also ideal. Executioner is great for farming because of this.
  • Champions that gain extra turns on kills are also viable. For example Relic Keeper.
  • To farm efficiently, the farming Champions must kill the enemies in one hit.
  • If your farming champion can 1 shot every wave of enemies, focus on building attack and crit damage. You want to try to do as much damage as possible.
  • If your farming Champion cannot 1-shot the enemies, Life-steal set is great at helping you survive easier.

In each campaign Chapter, the 6th stage gives the highest XP (even more than the boss stage); the 3rd stage drops Shield, which can be sold at a higher price than other gears.

  • If you are low on Silver, farm at the 3rd stage.
  • If you only want to farm XP, do it at the 6th stage.

campaign farming

Farming Gears in Campaigns Is More Efficient!

You also want to play in campaigns for gears so that you can easily target any exact type of gears you need, making it easy to equip any champion.

People usually do not want to farm gears in Campaigns because Dungeons give Epic gears. However, the main reasons for farming in the Campaign are Energy Efficiency and Progress.

Until you get a 5✭ epic gear, you will continuously replace the gear (a lot) with better ones. All of the Energy points you spent on those swapped gears are technically wasted.

In order to minimize the waste, farming gears in campaigns saves you tons of Energy. You will be able to equip 5✭ campaign gears before seriously farming for gears in the Dungeons. This also helps you to go deeper in the Dungeons to reach much better rewards.

The odds

  • In Brutal Campaigns, you can easily select the type of gears that is going to drop, you will never get the gear you do not need. It requires 8 Energy per attack.
  • To get a small chance of getting 5✭ gears, you need to run at least from stage 7 in the Dungeons and it requires 10 Energy.

Dungeon Stage 7 drops 3-4✭ gears most of the time. You need to farm at least Dungeon stage 10 in order to ensure that 5✭ gears will drop but it will cost 12 Energy each run. And it will take you a ton of time to fully collect all 6 pieces of a set. Not mentioning that the dropped gears have to have the right star count, main stats, etc.

Getting a proper set from Dungeons during the early game is extremely hard.

Targeting specific pieces of gears help you gear up more efficiently and quickly. Just farm till you have the right main gear stat and decent sub-stats, it’s a lot easier.

You will need to level them up a bit to see their sub-stats but the costs will not be an issue for you.

They are obviously not strong as Epic gears but Uncommon Gears = 80-90% as strong as the Epic gears. And you have to spend much lesser time to get them.

Then, you can use those gears to push further in the Dungeons, towards those 13+ floors and get a better chance of getting 5✭ Epic gears.

In addition, you just cannot farm for XP in Dungeons. Farming in Campaigns gives you both XP & gears at once.

Simply by upgrading your farming champion rank and leveling up the gears a little bit, you can beat the Campaign in RAID: Shadow Legends with ease. The Campaign bosses do not require any specific strategies to beat.

campaign farming raid shadow legends

Complete Guide to Campaign Farming

By Kallously

If you are new to RAID: Shadow Legends and don’t know what to do. Well, the 1st thing that you need to do is reaching as far as possible in the campaign and investing in your farming champions. In most RPG games, especially in this game, the campaign is the best place to level your champions, and also is a good place to get gears and champions by farming.

So in this guide, I will give some tips/general information about the campaign.

Campaign Progression:

  • There are 12 different campaign locations or 12 acts for short, divide into 3 difficulties (normal, hard, and brutal). So we have 36 acts in total. Each act has 7 stages, the 7th stage is the boss stage. The energy cost between difficulties isn’t the same; at normal difficulty, each stage costs 4 energy, 6 energy for hard, and 8 for brutal difficulty. Except for the boss stage, it always cost 1 more than normal stage, so 5 for normal, 7 for hard, and 9 for brutal.
  • You don’t need a special team, specific champion, or godlike gears to progress through the campaign. Just simply levelling, ascending your champions, and upgrading gears will be enough.
  • In later difficulties, focus resources and gears on 1 farming champion (usually is your starter champion). Get your farming champion to level 60 as soon as possible.
  • Ignore the campaign stars before beating brutal difficulty. You can come back later to farm stars. It is way much easier.
  • You should also do challenges and missions that require going to the previous stage. And continue to do campaign once finished.

XP Farming

  • Your final goal should be Brimstone Path – Stage 3 (Brutal 12-3 for short) on brutal difficulty because it is the best stage to give exp, silver, and it can be done quickly. Your team needs to do it with an auto mode on for farming.
  • If your team does not reach Brutal 12-3 yet, you can farm in earlier stages:
    • If you are still at normal difficulty, farm the highest zone that you can reach.
    • If you are at hard difficulty, but can’t farm further more than act 9, you should go back to Normal 12-3. Do the same if you are at brutal difficulty.
    • If it takes a long time to beat 12-3, you should try other stages in act 12 for efficiency.

Farming Champion:

About starter champion: All 4 starter champions can farm well in the campaign. If you have any problems, it is usually because of your champion not having enough level, not ranking up or having bad gears/gears with wrong stats, or farming in the wrong place.

You might have seen videos of people using Bellower or Saurus that can clear Brutal 12-3 in less than 10 seconds. And somehow you are lucky enough to pull one of these champions and start investing all resources and gears on them. But they don’t do as you expected.


Well, because this game is very well balanced, low cooldown abilities also have low power scaling. So to do as good as those people on videos, you will need to have insanely good gears, which is likely impossible to get in the first few weeks of playing.

So you need to focus on a few things:

  • Avoid using force type champion. Because most enemies in 12-3 are spirit type, so you will have a very hard time if you use 1 (or more) force type champion. So the best here is to use magic champions.
  • Using AoE skill with low cooldown (3 or lower). A skill with a 3 or lower turn cooldown is very effective because you can use it multiple times during fight, and it is quite easy to gear. And all 4 starter champions do meet the requirements.

gear stats priority in raid

Gear stats priority:

For your starter champion gears, you should aim for the following main stats:

    • Critical chance ( > 80% crit chance) (Glove)
    • Critical Damage (the more, the better) (Glove)
    • Attack/%Attack (Chest – Boot)
    • At least 110 speed (Boot)
    • HP/DEF ( >20000HP/ >1000DEF)

For sub stats, anything that helps increase main stats is good. For example Crit chance/Damage, %Attack …

  • %stats always better than flat stats.
  • You don’t have to worry much about resistance and accuracy when fighting in the campaign.
  • You need speed/accuracy stats if you want to fight in other areas like the arena.
  • You will receive a life steal set at the beginning of the game, use it on your starter because it will help to keep your champion alive.
  • You should change your champion gears frequently, don’t keep a 2* set (e.g. boot and chest) just because it has a 15%ATK bonus set. If you find a 4* chest with %ATK as main stat, you should change to it because it is way much better even if it breaks a set bonus.

Item Farming

  • As I mentioned before, the campaign is a very good place to farm XP and to find gear. Finding good gears can push you further into the campaign.
    • You will receive a 4* gear with life steal set bonus at the beginning. It may have wrong stats, but it is quite enough for starter champ at early stages. Later you can try to farm good life steal pieces with good stats.
    • You should farm gears on brutal difficulty.
    • My suggestion is to keep 4-5* gear, and also remember to pay attention to main stats.
    • Check market regularly cause sometimes it does have some good artifacts.
  • Here are some few tricks if you have a 4-5* gear with right main stat:
    • Upgrade it to level 4. If the sub stat isn’t relevant with main stats, stop and sell it. Otherwise, upgrade it to level 8. If it is rank 4 and has poor sub stat, stop and sell. If it is rank 5, upgrade it to level 12. If it now rank 5 and has some good sub stats, you can continue upgrading to level 16.

Ranking and levelling up Champions

Ranking up champion is considered the biggest power boost in the game. It would help a lot if you stuck at a certain stage or act.

To rank up a specific champion, you need to level that champion to max and then use “food” champions that have the same rank in the tavern. The number of “food” champion you need is equal to the rank of the champion. For example, to rank up a 3* champ, you will need 3 3* champ, 4* champ will need 4 4* champ, and so on. The maximum rank is 6.

These following steps will show you how to rank up your starter in the early game:

  • Level your starter to 30
  • Level 3 uncommon champions to level 20
  • Rank up each of 3 uncommon champs in the tavern by using 2 other uncommon champions each (so 6 for total). So they all become 3* (from 2*) level 1 uncommon.
  • Rank up your starter by using 3 3* uncommon in the tavern to 4*.

After ranking up, your champion level will reset to level 1, but your champion will have a higher starting stats and a higher level cap. (3*: max level is 30, so 4*: 40 level, 5*: 50 level, 6*: 60 level).

The most efficient way to level up “food” champions is to bring them with your starter to fight in the campaign. Even if your “food” champions die, they still receive EXP cause EXP is shared between all champions equally.

Avoid using Rare/Epic champion to food. You should rank up common/uncommon champions to use as food.

Campaign Farming FAQ

I am now stucking at act X stage X. What do I do now? Do I need a different champion or some specific gear?

You need to rank up your champ. Look for gears in the market or farm it in the campaign.

Is Executioner is a good farmer? Should I try to get him from the campaign?

A maxed skill executioner can help you push through brutal difficulty. But you have to make a choice between using skill books or to grind enough duplicate to max all of his skills. Because skill books is very valuable later.

If you choose to do the grind, it may worth the investment since Executioner could be a high-level Minotaur farmer.

Should I food rare/epic champion?

Definitely not cause you may regret it later. You should use common/uncommon champions for food.

Is difficulty affect the champion drop rate?

It does have. Brutal has a higher chance of getting champions than Normal or Hard.

Should I farm dungeon for better gears?

Most likely no. Because the chance to get good gears is low, especially in the early dungeon stages.

If you are stuck, level/rank up your champ, find gear in the market, and farm gear in the campaign.

Should I farm boss stages for rare gears?

It just a wasted of energy and time. Common/uncommon piece with right main stat is much better than some rare gears.

Should I farm accessories in 12-7?

You should farm in Spider Dungeon later because it can drop better accessories.

How to Speed Farming?

After reaching Brutal 12-3 and farm it normally, even with auto mode on. You may want to improve your speed to utilize the energy regen. So to do it, 1st thing is rank up your champion to 6* and level up to 60, then your starter must reach these following requirements:

  • 100% Critical Chance
  • At least 120% Critical Damage
  • 2300 Attack
  • 110 Speed
  • 22000 Life
  • 1100 DEF

These above stats will help your runs reduce to roughly 40 – 50 seconds each.

If you are using a magic champion, your Critical chance can be about 85% because of bonuses from affinity.

If you want to reduce to 20 – 30 seconds run, your starter will need accessories from Spider dungeon to reach following stats:

  • 100% Critical Chance
  • 180% Critical Damage
  • 2500 Attack.

With these stats, your start will easily one-shot the enemy team with AoE skill. And you may not need lifesteal set cause enemies can’t retaliate so you can invest in Crit Damage/Attack more.

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