RAID: Shadow Legends Fusion Guide (Updated)

If you are having a lot of issues when doing fusions in RAID: Shadow Legends, here are some of the best tips that GoodNewsNoble always follow to never miss any fusion event.

RAID Shadow Legends Fusion Event Guide

It’s undoubtedly the biggest event in RAID because it… contains all of the other events. If you understand how to manage your resources correctly, you will be able to obtain the fusion champion and all of the rewards coming from related events with ease.

And fusion is totally free. You don’t have to pay for anything to get the final reward if you have good preparation.

If you are a new player, then fusion shouldn’t be your focus as you just don’t have enough resources to do it. And that’s it. There isn’t anything bad at all because you will be able to do it when you have a great hero pool. Clan Boss should be your main focus now.

Once you are able to clear the Ultra-Nightmare and Nightmare Clan Boss daily, this guide is for you.

Latest Fusion Champion Guides

Before The Fusion Event Starts

  • Stock up the free Energy you get every day and just don’t open them. Keep them in your Inventory. They will help you a lot as you need a lot of Energy to finish Dungeon Driver events. Otherwise, only open them when they are about to expire. Sometimes I even keep them in my inbox for 80+ days before actually using them.
  • Get the final chest of Ultra-Nightmare and Nightmare Clan Boss every day. Attack the Brutal boss as well if you can. You will receive a ton of XP Brews, Gems, Shards, Books, everything here. You want to keep all of them for the fusion events.
  • You will get a free x2 XP every 5 days. Whenever you have it available, farm fodder Champions. You want to have a ton of 3-star champions. Just add your Blue Shards to the 3-star champion count. After that, get about 25% of them to level 30. You want to have 1 level 40 4-star champion for every 4 feeders (the maxed 3-star champions). If you don’t have enough space, upgrade some of the 3-star to 4-star but leave them at level 1. Spend all of the free energy you get on Double XP days for farming fodders.
  • On normal days (non-double XP days), farm the Dungeons. Sell bad gears, keep the good ones that you might want to use.
  • Don’t use Silvers. You generally want to save up to 50 million Silver for each fusion event.
  • If you have champions that you can summon (Doomtower, rare fusion champs, etc), save them for the Champion Chase event. They give you guaranteed points.
free energy raid
Always keep your free Energy in the Inventory for Fusions!

When the RAID Fusion event is about to begin, make sure you check the news and have a general idea regarding the list of the upcoming events with their respective points for the fragments. We usually share this on our website so make sure you bookmark to keep updated. Make sure you have a plan for the upcoming events.

Don’t do the fusion blindly and hope that you will have enough fragments to summon.

Now, let’s talk about each event that you will have to do to get the final Fusion Champion.

iron brago summon raid shadow legends

Guide to Each Event to Get All Fragments

Summoner’s Rush

This event is very easy and straightforward. Don’t open shards between Fusion events.

You need about 3k points for opening shards. Sacred Shards are 500, Void Shards are 120, Ancient Shards are 20, and Mystery Shards are 1 point.

This is where you want to open your Sacred Shards, not during the Champion Chase. It’s because Sacred Shards offer a ton of points here. And you only need 6 of them to complete this event.

You will be able to save 6 Sacreds with ease just by doing Clan Boss. You can buy Mistery Shards from the Market and save them up if you want to.

This event is just about patience.

Dungeon Divers

Running Dungeons level 20 gives the most point for energy. This is when you want to use all of the free Energy being saved in your Inventory.

It’s not hard at all to get the rewards with your free energy only.

Artifact Enhancement

You always want to save your Silver between Fusions for this event. Upgrade your artifacts during the Champion Chase!

Dragon / Fire Knight / Spider / Ice Golem Tournament

For every energy you spend, you get 1 point during these Tournaments.

You need about 2000 Energy for each Dungeon Tournament.

Champion Chase

This is the most RNG event but you can prepare to make it easier.

You get points for the Champions you summon. If you are lucky and get a few Legendary Champions, or couples of Epic Champions, you will finish the event with ease. Each Legendary Champion gives 500 points.

It’s recommended to use Ancient Shards here along with any x2 event running.

Fusing Champions give points here as well. So if you have any available, even the previous fusion Champ, it will be 500 free points!

Classic Arena Takedown

Nothing too much here. Just do it, don’t be lazy. Get every single point you can from free fights.

Champion Training

This is a big event and there are a lot of people doing it wrong.

This event should be very easy and fast to finish but people always make it complicated.

You can finish it in just 10 minutes if you know how to prepare.

Prepare your food ahead of time, having a lot of 3-star Champions maxed out at 30, a lot of 4-star Champions at level 1.

Once the event starts:

  1. Feed all of the trash rare champions you got from Ancients (Summon & Chase event).
  2. Upgrade your 3-star champions to 4-star.
  3. Spend 6 XP Brews on each level 1 4-star Champion. Then feed them and make 5-star Champions.
  4. Give 5-star Champions 8 brew each.

Remember to not spend your brew between Fusions and you will have more than enough to finish Champ Training.

If you know how to prepare, it’s super easy and only takes 10 minutes to complete this event.

Oldschool RAID Fusion Guide

In RAID: Shadow Legends, players can fuse, or combine Champions to get the more powerful & higher rarity ones. Fusing Champions can be done in the Summoning Portal.

Once you have reached a decent level which allows you to keep 1 copy of each Rare Champions in your vault, do it so that you can do the fusion quickly whenever a new fusion is released.

RAID: Shadow Legends fusion guide

Permanent Fusions

At the moment, there are 3 permanent fusions players can do:



Rarity: Epic
Requirements: Level 40 Executioner, Templar, Sorceress, Justiciar

  • Justiciar = Warmaiden + Diabolist + Spirithost + Heiress
  • The others can be farmed in Campaign and be obtainable from Mystery & Ancient Shards.
    • Sorceress = Campaign 3
    • Spirithost = Campaign 4
    • Heiress = Campaign 6
    • Diabolist = Campaign 12
    • Templar = Campaign 8
    • Warmaiden = Campaign 9
    • Executioner = Campaign 11

Rhazin Scarhide

Rhazin Scarhide

Rarity: Legendary
Requirements: Level 50 Lich + Erinyes + Broodfeather + Torturehelm

  • Lich = Magus, Marked, Rocktooth, Penitent
  • Erinyes = Raider, Gnarlhorn, Valerie, Wanderer
  • Bloodfeather = Slitherbrute, Goremask, Preserver, Channeler
  • Torturehelm = Skullsworm, Halberdier, Spikehead, Theurgist



Rarity: Epic
Requirements: Level 30 Arbalester + Stoneskin + Huntress + Bloodhorn

  • Arbalester = Commander + Hardscale + Dhampir + Satyr
  • Stoneskin = Jaeger + Brute + Warchanter + Militia

Limited Fusions

There are a lot of fusion events that allow you to get some extremely rare Champions by fusing just only one time.

Rotus The Lost Groom

Rarity: Legendary
Duration: 14/02/2020 – 01/03/2020
Requirements: Level 50 Skytouched Shaman + Sepulcher Sentinel + Fang Cleric + Azure

  • Skytouched Shaman = Coffin Smasher + Hatchet Slinger + Fencer + Apothecary
  • Sepulcher Sentinel = Soulbond Bowyer + Myrmidon + Mystic Hand + Hollow
  • Fang Cleric = Corpulent Cadaver + Fleshmonger + Reliquary Tender + Ragemonger
  • Azure = Cudgeler + Runic Warder + Skullsworn + Chevalier


Potion Ascending Requirements

Whenever you ascend your Champion, you need a certain amount of Affinity Potions and Arcane Potions. The table below shows the exact amount of potions you need for every ascension.

Note that the format we use is Affinity Potion / Arcane Potion











L = Lesser Potion, G = Greater Potion, S = Superior Potion

About the Potions, do not fuse all of them. Always keep your Magic, Force, Spirit and Void potions in the initial state and only fuse them when needed to ascend your Champions.


In summary, if you are at the point where you can do the Clan Boss on auto, you will be able to finish all Fusions easily. Just start saving your resources now and you will be golden.

  • Save your XP brews, shards for summoning and training events.
  • Save your free energy for Tournaments and Dungeon Divers.
  • Save your gems for emergency uses, whenever you need a bit more shards or some more energy. It sometimes comes in handy and doesn’t hurt at all.
  • Run Dungeons level 20 for the best performance.

Good luck!

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does this fusion count if not done in order of the missions?