Tatura Rimehide Fusion Guide

This is a complete guide to finishing the Tatura Rimehide fusion event as a free-to-play players. Here, we are giving you the most important tips you must know to get all of the Vlad fragments.

Since this is going to be an Epic Fusion event, understand that while power levels will obviously be lower the real test is utility and potential for future use. We will answer these questions today.

Tatura Rimehide

First, let’s take a look at the fusion event calendar:

Tatura Rimehide Fusion Calendar

Tatura Rimehide Event Cost

Pay Wall is about Summoning and will require Shards. The best Resources here are Sacred (500 pts)/Void (120 pts) Shards for Summon Rush and Ancient (30 pts Average, 50 pts Average on 2X) Shards for Champ Chase while rounding out leftover points with Mystery Shards.

Energy Wall is about Resource Management of Energy and Gems. Refills from in-game will play big factor here and so will things like XP Banners, Brews, and Ascension Pots.

Progression Wall is about Champion Pool Strength and will require you to be at minimum Stage 11 of a Dungeon and for best results should be in Stage 16, 20, or 24. For Arena, you want to be in Silver at least or you may have to Gem out some extra Tokens.

If you are attempting this as F2P/Low Spender be warned that it will be Resource Intensive.

There are some standouts you can go for to fortify your account if you are a newer/progressing player and do ask questions if you feel I missed out on useful Champ. We are getting 4 New Epics that can each be Fused using 4 New Rares.

The main choice you will have to make is Fusing the Epics or the Fusion Champ himself. They are offering 2 out of 4 Epics as extra Rewards for scoring higher points in Summon Rush and Champ Training Event.

Tatura Rimehide Fusion Plan 2

Required Epic Champions

  1. Masamoto (Champ Training E 12/25-12/29) – 2-hit A1 can Steal Buffs. AoE 75% Dec Attack 2 on A2 on 3 Turn Cooldown is decent enough for Clan Boss as a Secondary Dec Attack Champ. Inc Def and Turn Meter Boost on A3 on 4 Turn CD is ok but missing that 3 Turn CD or 3 Turn Duration for Inc Def is a bit of a letdown. Overall is a Class S Carry/Dec Attack/Speed Booster for me does 3 Roles in One Champ and is great for Progression early in the game. Summon for Secondary Dec Attack for Clan Boss or Carry Champ for Dungeons!
  2. Visionary (Pay Wall Summon Rush 12/17-12/20) – Dec Turn Meter A1 30% Chance or 100% if Dec Crit Rate & Damage is on Enemy. AoE A2 100% Chance Dec Crit Rate and Damage 3 Turn CD. A3 is Turn Meter Boost and Inc Crit Rate & Damage. Visionary can give you early access to Inc Crit Rate & Crit Damage in one Skill while also giving a Turn Meter Boost which is amazing for Arena early in the Game. Summon for Arena!
  3. Umetogi (Fusion Only) – 2-Hit A1. A2 is a 2-Hit Single Target that ignores 20% Def. Her attacks have extra 20% Crit Chance if under Veil. A3 is a Perfect Veil on Herself with 40% Turn Meter Boost and Inc Speed. Passive Blocks Damage from First Hit or 50% Reduced Damage from Bosses with a 2 Turn CD. The Passive has massive potential with Strong Multipliers on her Attacks she might become a Gem later in the Game for you when you to start dealing a lot of Damage in Doom Tower Wave or Shadowkin Faction Wars. Fuse!
  4. Broodlord (Fusion Only) – 2-Hit A1 can Provoke if under Dec Speed. A2 is a Single Target Ally Protect and Block Debuff while giving Broodlord Shield. A3 is an AoE Stun that can go up to 85% Chance on Enemies Under Dec Speed on 3 Turn CD. Passive can Place Dec Speed on Enemies Attacking Allies under Ally Protect. Pairs better with another Dec Speed and Ally Protect Champ (Visix!) who can end up placing Ally Protect on your Team Ally Protect Champ. Seems convoluted but A1 Provoke and AoE Stun is amazing in Doom Tower Waves where Visix naturally slots into anyway. Fuse!

Required Rare Champions

  1. Itinerant – Leech on A1, AoE Dec Speed A2, Single Target Dec Max HP A3. Skip
    1. Energy Wall Dungeon Divers E I (12/16-12/20)
    2. Progression Wall Spiders T (12/19-12/22)
    3. Energy Wall Artifact E I (12/23-12/26)
    4. Progression Wall Arena T II (12/25-12/28)
  2. Castigator A1 Provoke with the rare Equalize HP on A2 with a Single Target Heal 4 Turn CD plus an Extra Turn. Summon for Sacred Order Faction Wars!
    1. Pay Wall Champ Chase T (12/24-12/27)
    2. Progression Wall Ice Golem T (12/16-12/19)
    3. Energy Wall Artifact E I (12/18-12/21)
    4. Energy Wall Champ Training E (12/25-12/29)
  3. Misericord 2-Hit A1 with Dec Speed. AoE A2 with some Turn Meter Boost. A3 puts Counterattack on Misericord. Skip!
    1. Progression Wall Dragons T (12/23-12/26)
    2. Pay Wall Summon Rush (12/17-12/20)
    3. Energy Wall Dungeon Divers E III (12/26-12/29)
    4. Energy Wall Champ Training T (12/21-12/24)
  4. Ordinator A1 Freeze and 80% Chace Bomb AoE. Passive can lower Bomb Timer. Skip.
    1. Energy Wall Dungeon Divers E II (12/24-12/27)
    2. Progression Wall Arena T I (12/18-12/21)
    3. Progression Wall Fire Knight T (12/26-12/29)
    4. Pay Wall Champ Chase T (12/24-12/27)
Tatura Rimehide Fusion Plan

Tatura Rimehide Fusion Plan

Here are the two best ways to play this Fusion:

  1. Shardless Plan: Summon Masamoto from Champ Training Event so you can Skip Ordinator and Castigator from Champ Chase then Misericord from Summon Rush. This Plan will also allow you to Skip One Itinerant Event. Best for people low on Shards or if Masmoto and Visionary do not interest you.
  2. Pocket the Epics (Visionary and/or Masamoto). Great plan if you think either Champ makes a difference in your account now while still going for Tatura who is going to be a high impact Champ in your account in late game situations. You will need to come up with extra Sacreds/Voids for Summon Rush where Visionary will be available and I think they will ask for 3500 points to get him there. If you pull for Masamoto as well then you can either Pocket him too or use him to Skip Champ Chase Completely (Highly Recommended)

Tatura Rimehide Value

Tatura Rimehide is almost as good as Underpriest Brogni.

A1 can Book up to 100% Chance Dec Accuracy which is a really underrated Debuff.

A2 is actually the Skill that places Tatura up there as great Fusions we’ve had this year: All Ally Block Debuff and Inc Def 2 Turn Duration and 3 Turn CD. That will cover you in Clan Boss while going 1:1 which most early players will be doing anyway. I am personally doing a 1:1 Clan Boss Team to 2 Key UNM, 1 Key NM and Brutal with the same Team on full Auto (Check out my Standard Brognimancer Comp).

A3 is an AoE Attack that also places All Ally Perfect Veil except Tatura who whill get a Shield from the Damage Dealt instead on a 4 Turn CD. A3 being on a 4 Turn CD is a bit of a letdown but still quite strong.

Passive can Reflect Damage back to the Attacker that hits Tatura and can also Freeze that Enemy.

So while there are clear similarities to Underpriest Brogni, Tatura seprates himself with the Veil Buffs for the Torment Hydra Head.

Definitely a must Fuse Champ and could also easily be the most accessible Fusion Champ since you can Skip the Shard Events entirely if you choose.

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