Best F2P Team to Reach Gold Arena in RAID

Tired of not getting any good champions for a long time? Still stuck at bronze and can’t advance to a higher rank?

Well, this following guide will show you how to build a budget team that can reach Gold in Arena with much less efforts. All of the champions are farmable (also include your starting champion) and here are they:

raid team composition

Best Arena Champions for New



She is considered one of the best rare supports in RAID: Shadow Legends. Spirithost will give you two things you need the most in Arena:

    • Speed aura (Increases all allies speed in battle by 10%)
    • Big damage buff (Increases all allies attack by 50% for two turns) – Strengthen
    • And she can remove all debuffs on all allies. Plus a “Block Debuffs” on all allies for one turn. – Dark Gift

Gear required: Speed. Lots of speed. You need her to cast an attack boost as quickly as possible.

You can farm her in Act 4: Durham Forest.

Starter champion

You can pick any of the four starter champions you like.

In case you having a hard time to choose, my recommendation in order is Elhain > Athel > Kael > Galek.

Elhain is quite good at clearing mobs since she had 2 AoE abilities (Lightning Arrow and Valley of Death).

Athel and Kael both have a chance to deal a critical hit with their AoE skill. However, they both need more critical chance to be more effective.

Gear required: Speed/Crit chance/ Crit damage/Attack. At first, you will receive lots of 4 stars epic set gear with a 15% attack bonus, which is very to get your attack stat high.



A very good debuffer cause of her skill: 75% chance of decreasing 60% defense of all enemies for two turns, which is synergized very well with Spirithost. – Crumbling Blast

She can also burst down a single target very quick with Opportunity Strike – Attack 1 enemy, have 50% increase attack on herself and deal additional hit if this attack is a critical hit.

Gear required: Speed/crit chance/crit damage/ACC. She needs Accuracy because debuffs can be resist, which is not good for this build. So about 100 ACC is somewhat fine at gold level. Crit chance is needed since she could deal an extra hit if she deals a critical hit. However, speed is 1st

You can farm her in Act 9: The Deadlands.



Berserker is a good champion that can clean all survivors after the initial AoE combo. He can get an extra turn if the target is killed with his 2nd ability – Havoc, which is very likely happening with all the buffs and debuffs (ATTK up, DEF down).

He also has an attack that can ignore 20% def, hit all enemies two times, and it is an AoE attack.

Gear required: Speed/crit chance/attack/crit damage.

You can farm him in Act 9: The Deadlands.

Team Composition

To make the most use of this build, you should follow a specific turn order:

Spirithost → Warmaiden → Your starting champion → Berserker

Why does it need to be this order? Well, you should have all buffs and debuffs cast before your damage dealers turns. So you can burst down enemies quickly.

Your champions also need to have close speeds to each other.

Like your Spirithost has 150 speed, then Warmaiden should have about 145 to 149 speed, and so on.

Combat Tips:

  • Get as much speed on boots as possible. Speed is the key to win in Arena. Whoever goes first likely to have more chances to win.
  • You can use gloves with crit rate to get more crit chance.
  • You can set auto fight with this team.
  • Spirithost and Warmaiden are both core in this build. The other two can be swapped if you want.
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Well, I started 2 accounts – 1st was with Kael, 2nd with Athel – also levelled up Elhain and Galek. Anytime agaon I would go with Kael 1st, got him as my speedfarmer with 205 speed and he clears 12-3 in betwenn 10-16 seconds. No other starter managed to do so and Kael is also great in Arena, where I find him to hit much harder with his A2


Kael can be replaced early on if lucky enough to get Frozen Banshee for CB


Are there any decent farmable champions to replace Kael for arena? I use Kael with life steal for farming and clan boss.


This no longer works since they made ninja free. There is little chance you can make gold one let alone gold two since the arena changes back in spring of 2021. Once you hit gold you will be going against end gamers. There are so many people that are between mid and end game they over fill gold to platinum teirs and many are falling into silver tier. Even if you get to gold 1 that will be as far as you go because it is free for all, it no longer places you against people close to your level… Read more »

Alexander Treviranus

Not a bad team but it has to be said that in later Arena you MAY need to regear your Kael and Beserker in Savage and cruel with high stats to actually REACH Gold as this setup generally requires you to delete the enemy in as few turns as possible Gold gets harder the later game you get but I still believe this setup would work even in high Gold IF you can reach the stats needed… Because I noticed that as I went on that Kael in the standard lifesteal set does not work vs better enemies in Arena… Read more »