Karato Foxhunter Fusion Guide

This is a complete guide to finishing the Karato Foxhunter fusion event as a free-to-play players. Here, we are giving you the most important tips you must know to get all of the Karato Foxhunter fragments.

First, let’s take a look at the fusion event calendar by Riddy86

Karato Foxhunter Calendar

Karato Foxhunter Event Cost

Pay Wall is about Summoning and will require Shards. The best Resources here are Sacred (500 pts)/Void (120 pts) Shards for Summon Rush and Ancient (30 pts Average, 50 pts Average on 2X) Shards for Champ Chase while rounding out leftover points with Mystery Shards.

Energy Wall is about Resource Management of Energy and Gems. Refills from in-game will play big factor here and so will things like XP Banners, Brews, and Ascension Pots.

Progression Wall is about Champion Pool Strength and will require you to be at minimum Stage 11 of a Dungeon and for best results should be in Stage 16, 20, or 24. For Arena, you want to be in Silver at least or you may have to Gem out some extra Tokens.

If you are attempting this as F2P/Low Spender be warned that it will be Resource Intensive. There are some standouts you can go for to fortify your account if you are a newer/progressing player and do ask questions if you feel I missed out on useful Champ. We are getting 1 New Epic that can be Fused using 4 New Rares. The main choice you will have to make will be either going for the Epic, the Fusion Champ Only, or Both.

Epic Champion

  1. Fylja (Summon Rush E 02/11-02/15) – 2-hit A1 can Dec Max HP. Should be ok in Scarab King though there are a lot of options there now. A2 is Fully Deplete Turn Meter 4 Turn Cooldown. This pairs well with a 2-hit A1 for Fire Knight as well as Bosses wanting Turn Meter Control like Spiders, Dark Fae, Scarab King. A3 is AoE Damage that Fills Turn Meter and also Heals this Champ. Basically an Extra Turn in Spiders and opens up the possibility of putting her in Stun Set. Passive comes with her own Inc Attack and Crit Damage if she only has 2 Buffs or Less. Perfect for Arena early in the Game though Dark Elhain is available to F2P/Low Spenders after 120 Days. Should be just fine in Faction Wars as well. Summon for Arena, Dungeons, or Doom Tower!

Rare Champions

  1. Trugorr – A2 Single Target Stun. A3 AoE 40% Chance Dec Enemy Cooldown. Skip
    1. Energy Wall Dungeon Divers E I (02/11-02/15)
    2. Energy Wall Champ Training E (02/14-02/19)
    3. Progression Wall Dragons T (02/18-02/21)
    4. Energy Wall Artifact E III (02/22-02/25)
  2. Spymaster – A1 can Dec Buff Duration. A2 AoE Block Buff 60% Chance 4 Turn CD. A3 is 100% 2 Random Provoke with Self Counterattack. Skip
    1. Progression Wall Ice Golem T (02/10-02/13)
    2. Energy Wall Artifact E I (02/12-02/15)
    3. Progression Wall Arena T II (02/17-02/20)
    4. Energy Wall Dungeon Divers E II (02/19-02/22)
  3. Medicus – 2-Hit A1. A2 AoE Small Dec Speed. A3 Small Inc Def. Skip!
    1. Progression Wall Arena T I (02/10-02/13)
    2. Progression Wall Spiders T (02/14-02/17)
    3. Energy Wall Artifact E II (02/17-02/20)
    4. Energy Wall Champ Training T (02/21-02/25)
  4. Cagebound (Void Rare). A1 is Shield on Self. A2 AoE Small Dec Attack. A3 Small Ally Protect All Allies. Skip.
    1. Pay Wall Summon Rush (02/11-02/15)
    2. Energy Wall Champ Training E (02/14-02/19)
    3. Pay Wall Champ Chase T (02/18-02/21)
    4. Progression Wall Fire Knight T (02/22-02/25)
Summoning Karato Foxhunter

Fusion Plan

You will need more Magic Ascension Pots for this Fusion Event so Farm some up when the Keep opens up. They placed the 2 Shard Events on Cagebound (Void Rare) so you will be playing both Summon Rush and Champ Chase here. This also negates a lucky pull of Fylja from a Shard because you will still need to play at least 1 Shard Event from there. Expect to Summon about 2500-3000 pts for just the Fusion Champ and 4000-5000 pts to also get the Epic.

There is no way around Shard Events this time around. You pick between having Either the Epic or Fusion or getting Both. To get Both you must play in the 2 Shard Events while spending about double the Shards in Summon Rush to get the Epic. To get just the Fusion Champ you can play to the Rare of both Summon Rush and Champ Chase. Fylja is great Value at Epic so people coming up short on Shards means you should really try to get as many copies of Fylja for Faction Guardians. Champ Chase also comes later on in the Event. If you save up the Fylja Summons you can easily save another 250-750 pts by the time we get done with Champ Chase.

Karato Foxhunter Fusion Guide

Fusion Champ Value

Karato the Foxhunter is a hybrid Control/DPS Champ. The main problem with these kinds of Champs is having enough Stats to Deal Damage and land Debuffs. 3-hit A1 can place Weaken. A2 is a 100% Single Target Stun for 2 Turns. A3 is an AoE Block Skills. Passive ignores Damage Mitigation from Enemy and this Champ’s Passives and Masteries. If Yumeko is on the Team, A2 will Extra Turn and Reset A2 if you get a Kill, A3 Cannot be Resisted, Passive Grants Extra Turn if Yumeko Dies. Aura is 20% Crit Rate All Battles. While his immediate impact on an Account will be low, Karato comes at the advent of probably one of the Best Champs Raid has released in quite some time: Yumeko. While Yumeko herself is already amazingly strong without Karato, Karato will enable a Free Veil on Yumeko while also being able to Steal Enemy Veils. Yumeko is a Hex Based Champ and if she places the Hex herself she can Steal Turn Meter Boosts from Enemies placed under Yumeko’s Hex if Karato is on the Team. Karato is a decent Faction Wars Champ that has the upside of pairing well with Yumeko if manage to pull her (Void Legendary).

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