Vlad the Nightborn Fusion Guide

This is a complete guide to finishing the Vlad the Nightborn fusion event as a free-to-play players. Here, we are giving you the most important tips you must know to get all of the Vlad fragments.

Vlad the Nightborn

First, let’s take a look at the fusion event calendar:

Vlad Fusion Calendar

Vlad Fusion Event Cost

Fragment Fusion comes at a new Cost Structure. This might be the first time we’ve had a Fusion Event that only totaled 115 (Vs 120) Fragments without winning a Tournament and 150 (Vs 160) Total Fragments. What does this all mean?

Pay Wall:

  • Champ Chase Tournament (10/29-11/01) 20
  • Summon Rush Event (11/04-11/09) 20
  • 5 Bonus Fragments for 1st or 2nd Place Finish in Tournaments

Pay Wall is all about Shards. You want Sacreds (500 pts)/Voids(120 pts) for Summon Rush and Summoning saved up Fragment Fusions for Champ Chase.

Mystery Shards is always the first option but will usually fill in the gaps in points.

You will need 25 Fragments from Summon Events to Fuse Vlad. That is a steep increase from recent Fragment Fusions that would typically ask 5-15 Fragments from Summon Events. Expect to accumulate between 3000-5000 pts to complete this Event.

I would probably go harder on Champ Chase since we have 2x Voids that weekend and we can use points from other Summons and get the 20 there and then get the minimum from Summon Rush to get to our 25 Fragments.

Energy Wall:

  • Champion Training E (11/04-11/09) 10
  • Dungeon Divers I E (10/28-11/01) 5
  • Dungeon Divers II E (11/02-11/05) 5
  • Dungeon Divers III E (11/08-11/13) 10
  • Artifact Enhancement I E (10/30-11/02) 5
  • Artifact Enhancement II E (11/06-11/09) 5
  • Artifact Enhancement III E (11/11-11/14) 5
  • Champion Training T (10/30-11/03) 5

Dungeon Divers is the real pain here. Always play when you can play and try to avoid having “must play” days because Real Life can be hard to Predict.

Champion Training is gonna happen twice for this Fusion Event.

Artifact Enhancement will just use Silver from all your Dungeon and Campaign Runs.

Progression Wall:

  • Spiders T (10/28-10/31) 5
  • Dragons T (11/01-11/04) 5
  • Fire Knights T (11/05-11/08) 5
  • Ice Golem T (11/09-11/12) 5
  • Arena T I (11/04-11/07) 5

You will need to be able to Farm at least Stage 11-16 Dungeons (11 is more efficient but drops on 13 are better) to even participate here.

Stage 20 in any Dungeon will mean a huge Energy Discount and if you are good at using your Energy you could getaway with just your Daily Energy Gains and even more so now with Advanced Quests.

Less progression here mean more Energy per Tournament to get your 5 Fragments. Arena will need a decent Win Rate in at least Silver to go without Gemming more Tokens.


Vlad the Nightborn Fusion Plan

I would probably go harder on Champ Chase since we have 2x Voids that weekend and we can use points from other Summons and get the 20 there and then get the minimum from Summon Rush to get to our 25 Fragments.

If you went for Epics Only last Fusion you will have some Free Points here and cashing those in to get the full 20 Fragments from Champ Chase is a great idea especially if you are tapped out on Voids if you got Madame Serris last weekend.

This would leave us with wanting just 5 Fragments from Summon Rush which should put us on the low end of the 3000-5000 pt estimate I put out for this Fusion Event.

If you get any Bonus Fragments then I would consider skipping the last part of Dungeon Divers III but in general you want all the available Fragments outside of Summon Events and Winning Tournaments.

Vlad the Nightborn Value

Vlad the Nightborn is currently a Meme Lord and that is perfectly fine.

Consider how maligned Skull Lord Var-Gall or Gurptuk was when they first came out and how useful they are now in their own niche thing.

A1 combines both Lifesteal Set and Destroy Set on the same Skill. Could be something in Scarab King or Clan Boss.

A2 is AoE that puts Leech out and Steals/Dec Turn Meter 50%. Not quite Rhazin Scarhide level but AoE Dec Turn Meter is a thing for Spiders/Doom Tower Waves.

A3 is a Single Target Dec Def/Lock Active Skills with Perfect Veil if both Debuffs are placed. Great on Manual to take out certain threats like in Faction Wars or Doom Tower.

Passive can put on Revive on Death if Vlad kills a Target which is not as relevant as the Full Passive which does +50% Turn Meter and Fully Heals Vlad if Konstantin the Dayborn (another Void Legendary) is on your Team.

Massive +30% Crit Rate Aura but only for Arena.

Overall could have some niche functions right now while ripe for a potentially powerful rebalance. Some amazing things they can change is make the A3 AoE or something less gamechanging but still powerful like make the Crit Rate Aura All Battles.

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This is very helpful, Thankyou!