Sigmund the Highshield Fusion Guide

Hi everyone, this is a quick analysis regarding the Sigmund the Highshield Fusion for Free-to-play players and low spender. It’s always great to save your resources and spend on getting guaranteed Legendary champions.

These kinds of Legendaries usually have a tremendous upside in terms of Balancing. Even if they are just really bad right now, they would become a game-changing Champion in the future. This happens a lot of time before for almost all Fusion Legendary Champions.

If you start paying attention to Fusion now, you will eventually bring a ton of value to your account in the future. You can get a ton of rewards/Champions while trying to get that guaranteed Fusion Champion, killing two birds with one stone.

Sigmund the Highshield Fusion

Sigmund the Highshield Fusion Event Cost

This event is a combination of the new Fragment Fusion and the old-school Fusion.

You have to collect 100 Fragments of 4 required Epic Champions, then ascend them, and rank them up to 5-star to fuse Sigmund the Highshield!

There are some consolation prizes (Possibly MAIN PRIZES) available if you just go for a particular Epic.

Pay Wall:

  • Champ Chase T (10/01-10/04) Thylessia 20, Demytha 25
  • Summon Rush E (10/08-10/11) Thylessia 25, Demytha 25
  • 10 Bonus Fragments for Each Epic on a 1st or 2nd Place Finish in each Tournament

Depending on how they parse out these Fragments, I am estimating right now that you will need at 3000-5000 points worth of Shards to get all the Epics.

You count points mostly in terms of Sacreds (500 pts per Shard in Summon Rush) and Mystery Shards (1pt each Shard). Voids are much better in Summon Rush but are almost at par in Champ Chase if 2x Event is on. Ancient Shards are better in Champ Chase regardless of the Event.

Energy Wall:

  • Champion Training E (10/11-10/15) 20 Scarbius, 20 Demytha
  • Dungeon Divers I E (09/30-10/05) 20 Scarbius, 20 Demytha, 20 Duhr
  • Dungeon Divers II E (10/06-10/10) 20 Thylessia, 25 Duhr
  • Dungeon Divers III E (10/12-10/15) 15 Scarbius, 15 Demytha
  • Artifact Enhancement I E (10/02-10/05) 20 Duhr
  • Artifact Enhancement II E (10/07-10/10) 20 Scarbius
  • Artifact Enhancement III E (10/13-10/16) 20 Thylessia
  • Champion Training T (10/03-10/07) 25 Scarbius, 20 Duhr

Dungeon Divers is the real pain here as always. Always play when you can play and try to avoid having “must play” days because Real Life can be hard to Predict. Champion Training is gonna happen twice for this Fusion Event. Artifact Enhancement will just use Silver from all your Dungeon and Campaign Runs.

Progression Wall:

  • Spiders T (09/30-10/03) Duhr 20
  • Dragons T (10/03-10/06) 15 Scarbius
  • Fire Knights T (10/07-10/10) 15 Demytha
  • Ice Golem T (10/10-10/13) 20 Thylessia
  • Aena T I (10/01-10/04) 15 Thylessia
  • Aena T II (10/09-10/12) 15 Duhr

You will need to be able to Farm at least Stage 13-16 (11 is more efficient than 13 but drops are worse) Dungeons to even participate here.

Stage 20 in any Dungeon will mean a huge Energy Discount and if you are good at using your Energy you could getaway with just your Daily Energy Gains and even more so now with Advanced Quests.

Less progression here mean more Energy per Tournament to get your 5 Fragments. Arena will need a decent Win Rate in at least Silver to go without buying more Tokens.

Sigmund the Highshield

Sigmund the Highshield Fusion Plan

If you get the 25 Fragments for Thylessia in Summon Rush and Complete all the other Events you will Fuse her.

Demytha on the other hand you will need to participate in both Summon Rush and Champ Chase to get her as you will need at least 30 Fragments from these Events to Fuse her.

You can Skip 20 Fragments of Duhr and 15 Fragments of Scarbius and still Fuse them both.

It will be possible to completely skip Dungeon Divers III if you get all the Demytha Fragments in Summon Rush and Champ Chase and I expected that to be the only Value play you can do this Event. You can also Skip Artifact Enhancement for Duhr.

Those are probably riskier plays that just straight playing every Event that comes up and I think for most people it will be exactly that.

The sole mystery to play out here is Summon Rush and how they will divide the Fragments there.

Fusion Champ Value

Sigmund is a Carry/Control Champ that may not blow people away right now but brings some very special things that may have a place in the Game later on.

Going for Sigmund over the Epics is a play for the Future and for most of you I would wager the Epics are better.

Sigmund’s most unique attribute is his A1 that Removes Shield Buffs and can remove an additional Random Buff. That spells Magic Keep 20 right there and if your runs there are slow Sigmund, at 5*, will most likely Speed them up significantly.

Keeps 20 have greatly reduced the Value of Ascension Pots though so while that is primarily what Sigmund will be best for, it’s not really that useful. A2 is AoE 2x Hits that can Place Provoke 50% Chance per Hit and Dec Attack 75% Chance Per hit. Great Control for Waves and could be viable in Clan Boss as a Dec Attack.

A3 is a Shield and Strengthen for the Team and 5 Turn CD (No Books) and 2 Turn Duration means he can cover your Scarab Team by himself but both Buffs are strong in any part of the Game.

Passive can Dec Buff Duration but the percentages are too low.

40% Def Aura in Doom Tower is not that great you want either Speed or Accuracy Auras there.

Consolation (Main?) Prizes

While Sigmund is pretty good for most players there are Epics in this list that are absolute gamechangers for a lot of accounts. Most people will probably pick up an Epic over Sigmund or even all four Epics.

Duhr the Hungerer – A1 is Stun. A2 is Team Reflect Damage, Continuous Healing, and Instant Heal. A3 is Revive. Duhr is a Class S Carry Champ and will finish Demonspawn 21 for you. FUSE!

Thylessia – Thylessia is a AoE Dec Def Champ that can land 100% even with No Books. She also brings Debuff Spread/Manipulation and Hex. Great right now with upside potential when Hex becomes more accessible. FUSE!

Scarbius – Scarbius is a Single Target Nuker with Poisons and AoE Leech. Deals some extra Damage against Targets with Poison. You can probably Skip this one if you already have Leech Champ or Frozen Banshee. SKIP!

Demytha – Demytha is the Chase Champ in this whole Event. I can see people skipping everything else and going just for her. Unfortunately you will mostly likely have to play all the Summon Events to get her since there are only 70 Fragments available in other Events and you can only get 25 in either Summon Rush or Champ Chase.

Demytha is an extremely Valuable and Rare Champ that can Increase Buff Duration in a 3 Turn CD and she Heals with that same A2. This will allow her to be a shoe in as your Buff Extender in my Brognimancer Clan Boss Comp.

She also has a 3 Turn CD Team Block Damage so she can be your Unkillable Comp in Clan Boss once they figure out the Speeds to run her with.

The Block Damage could also means she might be viable as a Bommal Champ.

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