Spider’s Den

spider den

In RAID: Shadow Legends, the Spider’s Den is the home of Skavag. Skavag is a very special boss, not like most other dungeon bosses in the game.

Firstly, there isn’t any wave of creeps before facing the boss. You will face her immediately when entering the dungeon.

Skavag drops accessories:

  • Stage 1: 1-2✭ rings
  • Stage 2: 1-3✭ rings
  • Stage 3: 2-3✭ rings
  • Stage 4: 2-4✭ rings & amulets
  • Stages 5-6: 3-4✭ rings & amulets
  • Stage 7: 3-5✭ rings & amulets
  • Stages 8-9: 3-5✭ rings, amulets, and banners.
  • Stages 10-15: 4-6✭ rings, amulets, and banners.

In addition, you can also obtain common & uncommon accessories from normal campaign chapters as well, from stage 12-7:

  • Normal stages drop rings
  • Hard stages drop amulets
  • Brutal stages drop banners.

Do note that Spider’s Den also drops uncommon accessories. After Stage 12, she drops only rare and epic gears.

If you seriously want to spend your energy on farming in Spider’s Den, make sure that you can do it from Stage 12 to save your resources.

spider den boss

The Spider’s Den Boss

The Spider’s Den Boss has 2 active skills and 2 passive skills:

  • Venom Spray (Active): AoE attack, damage +15% if the target is poisoned.
  • Enfeeble (Active): AoE attack, 70% chance of decreasing turn meter by 30%. After Stage 7, force the target to sleep if the turn meter is turn meter.
  • Healing Assured (Passive): Immune to healing reduction debuffs.
  • Spiderling Horde (Passive): Before each Champion’s turn, the boss summons 2 spiderlings. At the start of the battle and after her turn, she summons 4 spiderlings. She can summon 10 spiderlings at max on the screen. Spiderlings have low HP but they can hit pretty hard, especially when there are 10. They apply a 5% poison debuff of their attacks for every hit, which can be added up very quickly.

At the start of her turn, she consumes all living spiderlings, each consumed spiderling heals 3% of her max HP and increases her attack by 10% permanently.

If the boss consumes spiderlings on one around, she will stop consuming in the next round.

Life Steal and all other healing abilities based on damage dealt are only 35% as effective in the Spider’s Den.

Your best strategy to win Spider’s Den is to focus on spiderlings.

If you ignore them, you have to kill her quickly until her damage becomes crazy. And this is not a viable strategy for almost everyone.

Best Tips for Spider’s Den

  • Use AoE Champions. You will want to have above 2 Champions with AoE attack and make sure they can kill the spiderlings in just one attack. Saurus, Sister Militant, Sinesha, Skullcrown, Psylar are some great examples for you.
  • Speed Control! Try to not let her get too many turns so that she won’t be able to consume a lot. Turn meter reduction is a great debuff you can rely on.
  • Know when she consumes by watching the cool-down of the Consume. Sometimes, it’s great to let her consumer a few spiderlings so that the ability will be put on coo-down again.
  • Attacks that scale up based on the enemy max HP. Skavag is the highest HP boss amongst the dungeons. Any attack that scales on enemy max HP could hit her very hard. Coldheart, Husk, Royal Guard are some great examples.
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ty that boss was insane for me even with a 5 star max acended champ


do yo know the different speeds of the boss in each stage/level?