Celestial Griffin & Eternal Dragon Guide for F2P

Hi everyone, this is the complete guide to building your own free-to-play team for defeating Celestial Griffin and Eternal Dragon in the Doom Tower.

Celestial Griffin RAID: Shadow Legends

Guide to Building Celestial Griffin and Eternal Dragon Team for F2Ps

Guide by wsoul13

As a Sequel to my F2P Team Building Guide, here is a quick recap of my recommended 6* Order there:

  1. F2P Trinity Starter (Campaign Farmer)
  2. F2P Trinity Warmaiden (AoE Decrease Def)
  3. F2P Trinity High Khatun/Apothecary (Speed Buff/Turn Meter Boost) 6* as your 5th Champ
  4. Decrease Attack skip to next role if Class S or A is unavailable
  5. Carry
  6. Poisoner
  7. Decrease Turn Meter

There are 7 additional Roles but they don’t have to be 6* at any particular order and they could also come in handy for other content.

  1. HP Burn/Block Revive
  2. Shield Generator
  3. Second Decrease Turn Meter
  4. Decrease Speed
  5. Enemy Max HP Damage with Destroy Set
  6. Second Carry
  7. Second Control

This Strategy will take you to the top of the Original Doom Tower on Normal. That is 120 Floors and 12 Boss Battles.

Your Progression in other Content will also improve if you follow this plan after the first 7 Roles. But now that the Bosses have Shifted I am introducing brand new Roles to Fill for your expanding needs in Raid:

  1. Team Cleanse
  2. Team Block Debuff
  3. Team Healing
  4. Buff Manipulation

Champ Rankings

  1. Pseudo-Legendary – Undisputed in their place in the game. If you pull any of these Champs your entire approach to the game changes. Your team becomes them. It might cost more to ignore them.
  2. Class S – By cost and by effects, there are few Champs available that can match or surpass them in a Role and Overall. Worth your Books. Worth your Chickens.
  3. Class A – Although there are clearly better Champs than them they will fulfill their Role on your team Effectively and Consistently. Should be in your Starting 5 Champs.
  4. Class B – Can perform the Role Effectively but either costly to Book or lacking consistency. You can still use them if you don’t have anybody else for this Role or even as a Secondary in the same Role.
  5. Class C – At minimum has the Role available to them but because of high cost, ineffectiveness or inconsistency should only be considered in dire need of this Role.

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Team Cleanse

Cleanse is such a fundamental Team Building Component in Doom Tower now (even before with Nether Spider) that it has to be in your radar at least.

If your Cleasne Champ is the fastest in your Team you can negate the first salvo of the Nether Spider’s Ally Attack with Spiderlings (Tons of Poison) which could make your break your run.

Celestial Griffin will Transfer all Debuffs to your whole Team and having Cleanse in your backpocket in that fight could keep your Damage hitting hard and healthy.

Even Eternal Dragon and Magma Dragon have Debuffs you can Cleanse off your team.

We want AoE Remove All Debuffs here.

Mausoleum Mage

Mausoleum Mage (Pseudo-Legendary)

Maus is great every Tier list out there will Rate him highly. Cleanse and Block Debuff is so good in Doom Tower right now that his stock has climbed even higher.


Uugo (Pseudo-Legendary)

Uugo is amazing. A1 brings Leech and A2 bring AoE Dec Def and Block Buff. Her Cleanse may be Conditional (Dec Healing+1 Random Debuff) but that same A3 can Revive All Allies if she is the last one standing. Combined with her Passive of Unkillable and Increase Speed if her last Ally dies, she could be the insurance your Team needs to conquer content way above your current level.

Skytouched Shaman

Skytouched Shaman (Class S)

If Scyl wasn’t a free Champ she would be a Pseudo-Legendary for me. Cleanse on A2 with AoE Block Debuff for 2 Turns on 4 Turn Cooldown. Passive Heal is easily one of the Strongest Heals in the Game where she heals everybody every Turn she takes based on Half of her Total HP% Missing at the time.


Doom Priest (Class S) – Doom Priest may only Remove 1 Debuff per Turn she takes but it is a Passive that also comes with a 7.5% Heal. Almost every Team will benefit from Doom Priest in the Doom Tower

Reliquary Tender

Reliquary Tender (Class S)

Reliquary Tender is one of the Best Rares in the Game. You will not regret bringing her up she can go on any Team. In Doom Tower she really shines in Nether Spider. Now you will want her in Griffin and Eternal Dragon too.

Runekeeper Dazdurk

Runekeeper Dazdurk (Class S)

Leech on A1 and 3 Turn Cooldown TM Boost on A2. His Cleanse on A3 comes on 4 Turn Cooldown with

Grunch Killjoy

Grunch Killjoy (Class A)

Bombs on A2 may not be a thing in Raid but he brings Cleanse on A3 with a 4 Turn Cooldown that replaces all those Debuffs Removed with a Big Continuous Heal Each. Block Buffs on A1 is really good too. I would rate him higher if he took less Epic Books you really only want the Cooldowns on A3.


Spirit Host (Class A)

Spirit Host is somebody I have resisted since Day 1. I felt like she didn’t add much to my progressing account at the time. She does give you things that are hard to get in the game albeit in small doses (Speed Aura, AoE Block Debuff and Cleanse). What makes her great for me is being Farmable. You can combine her with a AoE Block Debuff Champ to cover in Griffin fight if the Debuffs get out of hand. Solid Champ right now.


Battlesage (Class A)

Speed Aura, Cleanse 3 Turn Cooldown and Revive on Death.


Sanguinia (Class B)

Heal and AoE 1 Turn Block Debuff on A2 with 3 Turn Cooldown. 4 Turn Cooldown on Cleanse. I would rate her higher if she took a lot less Books but 7 Books to get the Cooldown on the Cleanse is really steep.


Acolyte (Class C)

I tried to use him Spiders before and it didn’t work since that Dec TM was not 100% Chance to hit. Now in Doom Tower all the Bosses you want him on are places where Dec TM is not that great (Nether Spider) or even bad (Celestial Griffin). I used him on my no Legendary Teams that beat Normal Doom Tower so he does the Role at minimum.

Team Block Debuff

AoE Block Debuff is an important Buff in Celestial Griffin.

While it’s always been strong if timed correctly (not quite as great on Auto), the Celestial Griffin fight is mostly fought on Manual and here this Buff really shines.

A lot of these Champs here have appeared on my lists before because having AoE Block Debuff on a Kit can make it really powerful for Carrying or Utility.

There is a big premium on 2 Turn Block Debuffs for Celestial Griffin here because the Boss Speed will vary over the fight making it difficult to Speed Tune.

Mausoleum Mage

Mausoleum Mage (Pseudo-Legendary)

Appearing in my list numerous times.


Maneater (Pseudo-Legendary)

You won’t want him for Block Debuff that lasts 2 Turns but the Unkillable on the same A3 along with all the Clan Boss Damage you can dish out for 50 Turns.

Skytouched Shaman

Skytouched Shaman (Class S)

See rating above. 2 Turn Block Debuff

Sepulcher Sentinel

Sepulcher Sentinel (Class S)

Sepulcher brings Dec Attack on her A1 along with Inc Def and Block Debuff on A2 for a Traditional Clan Boss Build that can be Speed Tuned.


Marked (Class S)

Marked as a Rare is usually overlooked but have 1 Turn Block Debuff with 2 Turn Big Inc Def is really good on her. Also with Resistance based builds in Doom Tower she can bring AoE Dec Accuracy as well.


Seducer (Class S)

Seducer has been promoted to S Class because his Block Debuff is a 2 Turn. Everything else he brings is pretty decent: Sleep on A1, Small Dec Attack and Small Inc Def.

Achak the Wendarin

Achak the Wendarin (Class S)

More of a Control Champ, having access to AoE Block Debuff 1 Turn is really good on her. She can keep the Waves at bay so you can reach the Boss.


Spirit Host (Class A)

Stock has increased because of Doom Tower Bosses and being Farmable. 1 Turn Block Debuff

Grizzled Jarl

Grizzled Jarl (Class A)

1 Turn Block Debuff and Dec Healing could be a Win Con in Fire Knights. AoE Dec Attack can help in Waves and can be a secondary Dec Attack in Clan Boss.


Sanguina (Class B)

Too many books


Witness (Class C)

Not enough utility

eternal dragon guide

Team Healing

Team Healing is going to become almost mandatory the higher you ascend on the Doom Tower which is Scyl of the Drakes is in almost every single Doom Tower Comp out there.

You will want either a consistent Passive type Heal or Bursts of Healing that will Carry your Teams to the finish line.

You want some Utility from your Heal Champs too. The best ones will either have Healing as a Secondary Effect to something really Gamechanging for your Account or will just straight pick up your whole Team from the brink of death and back to relevancy.


Doompriest (Pseudo-Legendary) – Doompriest is insane in Doom Tower also quite good in Clan Boss and Dungeons. You Heal and Cleanse 1 Debuff for the whole Team every Turn she takes. Pack with Relentless Set and you are locked for the Endgame.


Uugo (Pseudo-Legendary) – Uugo brings Leech on A1 and a massive A3 that takes Heal Reduction away and either Heals or Revives the whole Team if everybody else is dead. Also bring 100% AoE Dec Def and Block Buff.

Godseeker Aniri

Godseeker Aniri (Pseudo-Legendary) – Although more Pseudo-Legendary for the Comps she can enable in Clan Boss (Inc Buff Duration 3 Turn CD), she is still topnotch Healer with Buff Manipulation.

Mausoleum Mage

Mausoleum Mage (Pseudo-Legendary) – Maus will always be good from the sheer amount of Utility he brings in one kit. His A3 will do a decent Heal (10% of Maus Max HP) at first but can go up to 20% if he takes 1 Debuff away then give an extra 15% Turn Meter if he takes 2 Debuffs away.


Vrask (Class S) – Load with Crit Rate (every Crit will Heal 10% of Vrask Max HP) and lots of HP/Speed and have your Team live forever. A1 gives Vrask a free 20% Turn Meter Boost too so you can lock out A2 with AI Control and just keep spamming that A1.


Vogoth (Class S) – Vogoth will Heal everybody else with Half the Damage he Takes. With enough HP this will render your Team nigh Unkillable.

Pain Keeper

Pain Keeper (Class S) – Heal isn’t really why you would build her over her Role in Budget Unkillable. As one of the few Dec Cooldown Champs in the Game that Heal is a sweet Bonus.

Skytouched Shaman

Skytouched Shaman (Class S) – Skytouched is really good if you can get her engine running. A Scyl of the Drakes style Heal every Turn partnered with Team Cleanse and Block Debuff.


Valerie (Class S) – Farmable Rare that is an All-Star in early Doom Tower Comps you will have access to. If you can pair her up with a lot of Buffs her Heal can get pretty beefy. You really want her for the Shields and the Inc Buff/Dec Debuff but that Healing is icing on the cake.

Achak the Wendarin

Achak the Wendarin (Class S) – Primarily used as a Control Champ in Waves in Doom Tower, if you pair her up with HP Burn Champs she will Heal a decent clip of HP everytime Enemies take a Turn.

Aox the Rememberer

Aox the Rememberer (Class A) – more of a Clan Boss Champ but the Heals can really rack up if you place a lot of Debuffs on the Enemies which is exactly what you want to do in Doom Tower Waves. Poisons are always good against Bosses in Doom Tower.

Rector Drath

Rector Drath (Class A) – Drath is a really strong Champ in Knights Revenant Faction Wars and can be a Dec Attack Champ for Clan Boss while bring some really good Healing and Damage Mitigation with Perfect Veil.

Flesh Tearer

Flesh Tearer (Class B) – Heal and Inc Buff Duration on A2 and then Dec Buff Duration and Inc Debuff Duration on A3 sounds good but they are both on 4 Turn CD.

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Buff Manipulation

We are looking for Champs that can Inc Buff Duration, Dec Buff Duration/Remove Buffs, or Place Block Buffs.

Inc Buff Duration can partner with Shield Champs against Scarab King or Block Debuff against Griffin. Dec Buff Duration/Remove Buffs are amazing Utility Skills to bring in Hard Doom Tower Waves.

Block Buffs is another amazing Control Debuff you can Place on Enemy Waves in Hard Doom Tower to keep them from snowballing on your Teams.


Demytha (Pseudo-Legendary)

We just did a Fusion for her where I know a lot of people wanted her over the Legendary.

Inc Buff Duration/Dec Debuff Duration coupled with her Healing is an amazing Skill to bring into Doom Tower in general especially if your Team is designed to take advantage of it but what truly sets Demytha apart from any other Champ in this list is her A3 which put Block Damage on the Team on a 3 Turn Cooldown opening Unkillable Comps for Clan Boss as well as future utility in areas where Block Damage might be key.

Madame Serris

Madame Serris (Pseudo-Legendary) – An Arena Goddess for sure with AoE 100% Chance to Remove all Debuff and then place Dec Def/Attack.

Her status as one of the best Champs in Arena puts her on a Tier of her own. She can be fitted to be Wave crawler instead with more survivability and maybe Stun Set for more Control.


Seer (Pseudo-Legendary) – The Speed Run Queen herself. While she can be used to grind out Wins by taking Buffs away from Enemies, you really want her to just straight smash a whole Wave in one shot.


Uugo (Pseudo-Legendary) – Uugo brings 100% AoE Dec Def and Block Buff. Also brings Leech on A1 and a massive A3 that takes Heal Reduction away and either Heals or Revives the whole Team if everybody else is dead.

Godseeker Aniri

Godseeker Aniri (Pseudo-Legendary) – Inc Buff Duration on 3 Turn CD good for Clan Boss Comps but can also pair well with Shield Champs for Scarab or Block Debuff against Griffin


Warcaster (Class S) – AoE Block Buff with 3 Turn CD but unfortunately is 75% Chance to Place. You really need to pay attention to him though because there are Warcaster Unkillable Comps available to you!

Umbral Enchantress

Umbral Enchantress (Class S) – 100% AoE Block Buff on A2 with 3 Turn CD is really strong in Waves. You can use the AI Control to have her open with A2 so she can follow up with her A3 to Provoke then it won’t matter that you are locked out of your A2 for 5 Turns.

Sandlashed Survivor

Sandlashed Survivor (Class S) – Clan Boss mainstay in a lot of Comps but is also useful in Arena, Dungeons, Faction Wars and Doom Tower. You will have to build her a bit different with that A1 Provoke and Dec Buff Duration/Inc Buff Duration shining through.


Spider (Class S) – Underrated Champ all-around but A1 will remove a Buff at Random and A2 is an AoE that will Dec Buff Duration on 3 Turn CD. He also bring AoE Dec/Weaken that won’t Weak Hit and the A2 will also put Dec Attack on.


Valerie (Class S) – Valerie strikes again as a Farmable Rare that can Inc Buff Duration so you could extend Shield Buffs against Scarab King and Block Debuff against Griffin.


Abyssal (Class A) – A Rare with AoE Block Buff on A1 which is incredible with Stun Set going through Demonspawn Faction Wars or even in earlier Doom Tower Hard Waves. He’ll bring a small Heal on A2 as well as Small Versions of Both Inc Def/Attack in his A3.

Rian the Conjurer

Rian the Conjurer (Class A) – An Epic you can get from Normal Doom Tower Secret Rooms, Rian can 100% AoE Remove All Buffs. Comes with Single Target Block Buff on A1 and Accuracy +40 Aura All Battles.


Banshee (Class A) – A Rare with AoE A1 with Small Dec Def and AoE A2 that Removes 1 Random Buff (2 Turn CD). Seems like a great candidate for Stun Set and could have good utility in Undead Faction Wars as well.


Guardian (Class B) – A1 may be Single Target but can Dec Buff Duration 2 Turns which should be almost Removing a Buff anyway. A2 can put Block Buff on 4 Random Hits. A3 will put Counterattack on to keep swinging with that A1. Bit of a secret Tech for Knights Revenant Faction Wars to beat those Valk Waves.

Chancellor Yasmin

Chancellor Yasmin (Class B) – 75% Chance to Remove All Buffs is not that great. She can Heal Single Target and give a 20% Speed Aura All Battles.


Hope (Class B) – Hope puts Shields on and Inc Buff Duration which are pretty good things to pair with AoE Remove All Buffs. She can also place Block Buff on her A1. What holds her back is the 75% Chance to Remove All Buffs.

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