Champion Training Event Guide

This following guide will show you how to use energy in an efficient way for Champion Training Event in RAID: Shadow Legends.

RAID Shadow Legends Champion Training Event
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Champion Training Event Guide

This event requires some preparations because of energy limitation (150) per day, which means that you need to log on every day for the next 24 days.

You can use EXP boost (x2 – 1 day) from weekly reward to reduce the amount of energy used during no EXP boost by farming and ranking up food.

The first thing you need to do is use an EXP boost, which you can get from weekly reward, daily login, challenge reward, or event reward. It is quite easy to find. And you will need space for 24 champions, use the weekly EXP boost when it is available and keep repeating the process.

Day 1:

  • Buy as many of 2-star champions in the market as you can, you will need them for ranking up later.
  • After using EXP boost, you will need to level up:
    • 18 2-star champions to max (will need about 432 energy)
    • 6 3-star champions to max (will need about 505 energy)
    • In total, it will cost about 432 + 505 = 937 energy. (Try not to waste energy regenerate in 2 days)

Day 2:

  • Rank up 10 2-star champions to rank 3 = 150 points.
    • No energy used.

You can keep some 2-star champions at 19 levels and upgrade them to level 20 by using 1-star champions. This method is to save some space if you want to use mystery shards.

Day 3:

  • Rank up 8 2-star champions to rank 3 = 120 points.
  • You need to level 3 rank 3 champions to level 6 = 30 points (that is two 12-3 runs with not EXP boost).
  • 16 energy used.

Day 4/5:

  • Rank up 3 3-star champions to rank 4 = 150 points.
  • No energy used.

Day 6 – 10:

  • Repeat the process from day 1 to day 5.
  • You will have 6 rank 4 level 1 food at the end of the process.
  • You can level up 3 4-star champions by using 3 brews to level 18 to get 150 points. So basically, by using 9 brews, you will get 150 x 3 = 450 points, it is worth a week of preparing.
  • If you have any max level 4-star champion, you can make a 5-star champion and get 100 points.
  • In conclusion, the whole process is all about getting 150 points per day.

Brew Usage

You can use brews on level 1 champions to get 150 points:

  • 9 brews for 9 3-star champions each, so these 9 champions will get 10 levels: 162 points.
  • 9 brews for 3 4-star champions, each champion will use 3 brews and get 18 levels: 153 points.
  • 6 brews for a 5-star champion + few common champions. Your 5-star champ will get 25 levels: 144 points.

Space Saving

Champions that you receive during farming 12 – 3 will automatically go into the bag if your champion slot is full. sMake sure that your bag is not full (300 slots), or you will lose your items and champions. One last thing is these items and champions can last 99 days in the bag.

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