Grythion Guide (Celestial Griffin)

Complete guide to defeating the Grythion boss (Celestial Griffin) in RAID: Shadow Legends.

Celestial Griffin RAID: Shadow Legends

Grythion (Celestial Griffin) Skills

Skill Description
Shockwave Attacks 1 enemy. Has a 100% chance of placing a [Feardebuff for 1 turn.
Damage based on: [ATK]
Rock Smash Transfers all debuffs from Grythion to each enemy, then attacks all enemies. Fills Grythion’s Turn Meter by 5% for each debuff transferred.
Damage based on: [ATK]
Death Gust Removes all buffs from all enemies, then attacks all enemies.
The buff removal cannot be resisted. Damage increases by 10% for each buff removed.
Divine Strike [Passive] Attacks an enemy whenever their HP drops below 50%. This attack places a 100% (Heal Reduction) debuff for 2 turns.
Celestial Bond [Passive] Adds one (Sky Bond] buff to Grythion at the start of each turn. Also adds one (Sky Bond] buff to Grythion whenever an enemy’s HP drops below 50%.

Each (Sky Bond] buff increases Grythion’s: ATK by 5%; C. RATE by 3%; C. DMG by 5%; SPD by 2.5.
Will ignore (Shield], [Block Damage], and [Unkillable] buffs when Grythion has 10 or more [Sky Bond] buffs.

Can stack up to 20 [Sky Bond] buffs. [Sky Bond] buffs cannot be blocked or removed.

Fair Wind [Passive] Whenever Grythion’s Turn Meter is decreased, the Turn Meters of all enemies will be decreased by the same amount. Places a Stun, debuff for 1 turn on enemies with fully depleted Turn Meters.

Whenever an enemy’s Turn Meter is filled, Grythion’s Turn Meter will be filled the same amount. Turn Meter increases are tracked and counted individually for each enemy.

Almighty Strength [Passive] Damage from skills that scale based on enemy MAX HP cannot exceed 10% of the Boss’ MAX HP when attacking the Boss.
Almighty Persistence [Passive] All Turn Meter reduction effects are decreased by 50% when used against the Boss.
Almighty Immunity [Passive] Immune to [Stun], [Freeze], [Sleep], [Provoke], [Block Active Skills], [Block Passive Skills], [Fearl, and (True Fear] debuffs. Also immune to HP exchange effects, HP balancing effects, and cooldown increasing effects.

How to Defeat Grythion (Celestial Griffin)

Grythion is no easy fight. Many of his abilities combine to be able to counter or deconstruct almost any team, and it may require you to use manual control to achieve victory.

Your primary enemy – other than Grythion – is the Sky Bond. In this battle, it’s very easy to end up on a ticking clock, as the Sky Bond offers the Celestial Griffin huge bonuses to SPD and damage.

grythion celestial griffin boss screenshot 1

Tracking the boss’ cooldown timers is critical to success. He is incredibly good | at manipulating buffs and debuffs to his advantage – either he removes debuffs to fill his turn meter, or he removes your buffs to deal damage – enough damage to kill even very powerful teams, especially when combined with Divine Strike.

grythion celestial griffin boss screenshot 2
One major thing to avoid is using any Turn Meter fill and reduction skills. Grythion will reduce all Turn Meter Reduction effects by 50%, but that’s no different from any other Doom Tower boss.

No, the issue is that Grythion will mirror all Turn Meter Reduction effects – so, reduce his turn meter by 50%, and he’ll reduce the turn meters of your entire team by 50%. Increase your team’s Turn Meters by 15%, and Grythion will increase his Turn Meter by 75% – 15% for each Champion on your team.

The effect can be resisted, however, so if you want to try and use Turn Meter reduction to control Grythion, be sure to pack plenty of RES. Needless to say, leave Champions that increased friendly Turn Meters off your team.

You will need strong healing to keep your Champions above 50% HP, as he can destroy a target extremely quickly once they dip below that threshold. You’ll also want good debuff removal to counteract anything Grythion puts out.

Ultimately, you’ll need a team that can function without buffs – Champions that destroy HP and ignore DEF will be critical, as you can’t rely on debuffs to make Grythion vulnerable without giving him the opportunity to turn the tables. Same goes for RES – you can’t use buffs to stop everything Grythion dishes out.

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