Event Guide

Here are some important tips for you in order to do the RAID: Shadow Legends Events more efficiently.

There are a lot of events in the game right now but I only mention some of the most notable events here.

raid shadow legends event guide

Arena Events

Do not focus too hard on this because it does not require you to do any extraordinary moves besides your daily activities in RAID to complete the Event.

Artifact Upgrading Event

Sounds like a great event to all new players. However, do not work too hard on it because you will get a lot better gears soon in the future to replace the upgraded ones.

Instead, one trick here for you is to upgrade the 1-star gears to finish this event because the upgrading costs are much lower. You can find 1-star gears in normal campaigns.

Summon Rush Event

This is the main reason why you should keep your Ancient Shards and Void Shards until this event starts as they give a lot more event points than the normal green Shards.

After having your very first Legendary champion, consider using at least one Legendary Shard during this event.

Champion Leveling Event

This is probably the easiest event in RAID: Shadow Legends.

If you find it hard to reach the top tier, save some fodder champions with max levels.

You can also save the XP Brews to use them on level 1 Champions to get the points quickly.

Dungeon Drivers Event

Stage 4-6 of Dungeons are the most efficient ones for this event.

Farming in Brutal campaigns work very well too to get most of this event.

You might want to spend your Energy in this event to make the most of it. Save 1-2 XP boosts for this event too.

Hopefully you have found some of the great tips for RAID: Shadow Legends Events in this article. We will be sure updating more event tips in the future!

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