Guardian Ring Guide

The new Guardian Ring feature gives you multiple ways to use or improve your Champions in RAID: Shadow Legends.

In the Guardian Ring, you can:

  • Level up your Champions passively without needing to Battle.
  • Empower duplicate Legendary Champions to make them even stronger.
  • Assign Faction Guardians to give each Faction a global stats boost.
  • Unbind duplicate Legendary Champions to get Life Tokens, then exchange those Life Tokens for new Champions at the Token Trader.

Read below for a full tab-by-tab breakdown of how everything works:

Sparring Pit

The Sparring Pit lets you passively upgrade Champions’ Levels. Just insert Champions into the Slots, then wait. They’ll slowly gain XP over time. Then, when they’ve gained enough XP and are ready to level up, you simply press the upgrade button to level up.

You can’t increase your Champions’ Ranks at the Sparring Pit, but you can continue Levelling them up here, with no effort, all the way up to the highest level.

Sparring Pit Guardian Ring

There are 5 Slots in the Sparring Pit. The first is unlocked by default, while the rest can be unlocked using Gems. Each Slot can also be upgraded to increase the rate at which Champions in those Slots gain XP.

While a Champion is in the Sparring Pit, they cannot be used in Battles.

Faction Guardians

The Faction Guardians tab lets you assign duplicate Rare, Epic, or Legendary Champions to become Faction Guardians. Faction Guardians boost the stats of all Champions of the same Rarity in their Faction.

Faction Guardians

Within each Faction, there are tiers of Guardians: Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Within each Tier, there are 5 Chambers, with 2 slots to be filled in each Chamber for the bonuses to activate.

Champions can only become Faction Guardians when you have duplicates of them. To fill each Chamber, you’ll need two of the same Champion. For example, you’ll need two Raglins to fill a Legendary Banner Lord Guardian Chamber. However, unlike the Sparring Pit, you can still use any Champions that are assigned as Faction Guardians.

Faction Guardians 2

Filling each Chamber provides a global stat bonus to all Champions of the same Rarity in that Faction. Similar to Great Hall Bonuses, these stat boosts are active in every battle.

Chambers are unlocked and filled in order, and each subsequent Chamber provides a different boost, but each boost adds to the total stats boost gained throughout that group of Faction Guardians.

If you remove a Champion from one of the Slots in a Chamber, the bonus from that Chamber will be deactivated, along with all bonuses from higher-positioned Chambers.

Note: Champions assigned to be Faction Guardians can also still be sent to the Vault or upgraded in the Tavern. Champions cannot become Faction Guardians if you are unable to get multiple of those Champions (for example, Lydia the Deathsiren).

Faction Guardians 3

Empower Champions

Duplicate Legendary Champions can be Empowered using their own duplicates – meaning another of the same Champion. Empowering Champions makes them significantly stronger by giving them a permanent Stats boost.

Only Legendary Champions can be Empowered, and you can only Empower a Champion up to 4 times. Once you use a Champion to Empower another, you lose them – so think carefully before you decide to Empower a Champion.

Empower Champions

Some Champions in RAID are only available to obtain once, and as such, you will be unable to get duplicates of them.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t Empower them. In the case of those Champions, there are surrogate Champions that you can use to Empower them. Lydia the Deathsiren, Gomlok Skyhide, and Urost the Soulcage are all examples of these Champions.

You can find a list of these Champions by hitting the Info icon in the “Empower Champions” tab. For example, because you can’t get a second Lydia, you’ll be able to Empower her with Visix.

Empower Champions 2

Unbind Champions

Another option exclusive to Legendary Champions is to unbind them. You’ll be able to permanently release your Legendary duplicates to get a special resource called Life Tokens. You’ll lose those Champions forever, but you get a Life Token for giving them their life back.

You’ll then be able to exchange those Life Tokens at the Token Trader for new Legendary Champions. Note: Just like Faction Guardians, Champions that you cannot acquire multiple of cannot be unbound.

Unbind Champions

Token Trader

The Token Trader contains a selection of Champions you can acquire in exchange for Life Tokens. Note: Each Champion can only be purchased once from the Token Trader.

Token Trader

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