Poison Vs. HP Burn Effect

In RAID: Shadow Legends, Poison and HP Burn are considered the most effective skills in fighting Clan Boss.

They don’t need much investment but still do lots of damage in the early game and can do quite fine in the late game.

Both skills do have a higher damage scale in late-game Dungeons since the enemies start to have more attack damage and HP.

poison raid shadow legends

And here are some basic explanations about Poison Vs. HP Burn Effect in RAID!

  • Poison/HP burn skill allows a Champion to apply poison/HP Burn effect on 1 or more enemies, so they take damage over time (DoT) at the start of their turn.
  • The damage is inflicted based on enemy max HP.
  • There are two versions of Poison debuff: The 1st one reduces 2.5% of enemy max HP, and the 2nd one reduces 5% of enemy max HP.
  • The enemy under the effect of HP Burn will take 3% of its max HP. This damage will also apply to their allies. This skill is very good for champions that don’t do much raw damage.
  • Poison and HP burn are debuffs, so they are both affects by accuracy and resistance.
  • HP Burn debuff is similar to Poison debuff but has one different thing. It can spread to all enemies in the team.
  • There can be only 1 HP Burn debuff active of a Champion at a time. Poison can have many stacks (up to 10)
  • Both skills can ignore defense, but can’t go through shield. The Poison/Hp Burn damage will reduce the shield first before inflicting to HP. They don’t benefit from other buffs/debuffs.

HP Burn and Poison have a fixed amount of damage to clan bosses because they have a very high health pool.

HP Burn

  • Rare champions can only deal maximum 50k damage per turn.
  • Epic and Legendary champions deal maximum 75k damage per turn.


  • The maximum amount of damage is based on the difficulty of clan boss:
    • Easy: 20k damage per turn
    • Normal: 30k damage per turn
    • Hard: 40k damage per turn
    • Brutal/Ultra Nightmare: 50k damage per turn
  • These are 5% poison damage.
  • 2.5% poison damage deal halves of the above values.

This following formula will show the output damage comparing to poison damage:

  • Damage = (Version of Poison)*(Avg DoT per skill usage/cooldown)
  • We calculate the average damage of the skill that has the longest cooldown for Champion has multiple DoT skills.

Hopefully you have found some great information here in this RAID: Shadow Legends guide. Have fun playing the game!

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should the last bullet point on the poison say 2.5?


Thank you for pointing out the difference in rare HP burn damage Vs epic/legendary. I hadn’t noticed that before.


thx for great post! also did some more research and it may be noteworthy that poison and burn will not crit, but atleast poison seem to benefit from weaken on clanboss (my outlaw monk ticks for 25k when paired with athel on easy), not sure about hp burn yet but should work the same way

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