How to Get and Use Tomes Effectively

raid shadow legends tome

Save your tomes and use them wisely because they are very hard to obtain. Think twice before you use them on a Champion.

How to use Tomes Effectively in RAID: Shadow Legends

Do you really need that Champion in long term? Do you use that Champion in many game modes and activities?

Some Champions really benefit from the tomes a lot more than the others.

It’s mostly recommended to use your Tomes on Champions who have skill cooldown reduction or debuff cast rate increase. If you are still having a doubt on a Champion, never spend your Tomes randomly.

Challenges, Missions, and Quests are your main sources of getting Tomes in RAID: Shadow Legends. Weekly Arena Chests and the Clan Boss Chests sometimes give you Tomes too.

The top Clan Boss chest can drop Legendary Tomes and this is by far the only way to get them.

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