RAID: Shadow Legends Beginner’s Guide

If you are new to the game, this RAID: Shadow Legends beginner’s guide gives you the most important information you should know during the first days.

RAID Shadow Legends Beginner Guide

Quick RAID: Shadow Legends Beginner’s Guide to Progression

  1. Equip Lifesteal and Speed Set on your Starter Champions to give them better survivability. Remember to have enough pieces of the set so that they can activate the set effect. Kael is currently the best starting Champion.
  2. Get that Champion to level 60 at 6⭐ as soon as possible. It will help you Clear campaign battles with ease and level up your fodders.
  3. Get the basic Masteries (first 3 lines) for 3 of your stronger Champions to strengthen them a little bit.
  4. Save Gems to purchase full Masteries for the Starter Champion. Later, use it to farm Masteries for other Champions from the Minotaur’s Labyrinth.
  5. You now can deal high damage to the Clan Boss and Dungeon bosses for far better rewards.
  6. Aim to have 5 maxed-mastery Champions to perform easier in different game modes. Check out our RAID: Shadow Legends Tier List for more details.
  7. Keep maxing our other Champions and aim for farming better gears for them.


  • Complete daily quests.
  • Upgrading your starter’s Champion equipment so you can use them to level up the fodder Champions.
  • Upgrade Gem Mine if you are planning to play the game for a long time.
  • Spend Gems to max out your starter’s Champion Masteries to make them much stronger without wasting your time.
  • Get your Starter Champion to 6⭐ as fast as possible. It will help you a lot in all game modes.
  • Spend Gems to max out Gem Mine, Market, and open new slots in Sparring Pit.
  • Focus on building 1 Champion at the same time. It’s always better to use 1 strong hero rather than 5 useless Champions.
  • Buy Mystery Shards from the Market and spend them in Champion Chase Tournament.
  • Buy Uncommon Champions from the Market and use them as fodders.

Must Not Do

  • Never sacrifice your Epic or Legendary Champions unless for increasing the skill level of a duplicated Champion. The same thing applies to Void Champions. Almost all Epic/Legendary Champions in this game are useful in at least a game mode.
  • Don’t invest heavily in Common/Uncommon Champion due to the early game because they are weak in the weak/late game and you won’t be using them too much. It’s best to just keep them at no more than 4⭐.
  • Always spend your Energy and never keep it over capped because it prevents Energy from regenerating over time.
  • Don’t open items like Energy Refill, Double XP, etc. immediately until you need them.
  • Don’t fight too strong Clan Boss so you won’t waste any CB keys!
The Affinity (Faction) System in RAID
The Affinity (Faction) System in RAID

Affinity (Faction) Bonuses

Weaker Affinity Neutral Affinity Stronger Affinity
-20% Damage
-15% C.RATE
+35% Weak Hit Chance
0% Strong Hit Chance
0% Weak Hit Chance
No Penalties or Advantages
+15% C.RATE
+30% Strong Hit Chance
Weak Hit Normal Hit Strong Hit
-30% Damage
Cannot apply Debuffs
No Penalties or Advantages +30% Damage

RAID: Shadow Legends Beginner’s FAQ

Who is the best starter champion in RAID?

  1. Kael: Campaign Farmer, AoE, Clan Boss
  2. Athel: Campaign Farmer, AoE, Clan Boss
  3. Elhain: Campaign Farmer, AoE, Clan Boss
  4. Galek: Bad, not recommended.

Best Champions that are easy to obtain?

You can easily obtain these Champions from Campaign farming:

  • Diabolist: Speeding up the whole team and increase Turn Meter.
  • Executioner: Arena Defense & Campaign Farming
  • Valerie: Arena Defense
  • Rocktooth: Spirit Keep Dungeon (Great Healing Reduction debuff against high HP bosses).
  • Warmaiden: For Keep Dungeon (Decrease Defense Debuff against high HP bosses).
  • Spirithost: Arena Offense (Speed & Attack Buff)

Should I use 1/2⭐ Champion?

In general, they are very easy to obtain and not worth the effort. but you can try to use the following Champions to have more fun in the game:

  • Outlaw Monk: Clan Boss.
  • Dervish: Spirit Keep Dungeon
  • Spirit Walker: Force Keep Dungeon
  • Skinner: Magic Keep Dungeon
  • Armiger: Spider’s Den Dungeon
  • Armiger: Ice Golem’s Peak Dunegon
  • Saurus, Sister Militant, Sniper, Shieldguard are good attackers in general.

Best Arena Champions for Beginners?

  1. High Khatun (Speed Buff for Team, start the battle first with her).
  2. Spirit Host (Speed Buff for Team, Attack Buff, start the battle first with her).
  3. Warmaiden (Decrease Defense Debuff, use her in the 2nd turn)
  4. Kael/Athel/Berserker/Relickeeper (Damage Dealer, attack in the 3rd/4th turn after gaining buffs).

Best Champions for Farming in Campaigns?

  1. Legendary Champions: Big ‘Un, Queen Eva
  2. Void Champion: Bellower
  3. Starter Champions: Athel, Kael, Elhain
  4. Common/Uncommon: Saurus, Shieldguard

What are the best Healers in RAID: Shadow Legends?

  1. Apothecary
  2. Bad-el-Kazar
  3. Doompriest
  4. Steelskull
  5. Zelotah

Can I get more rewards by getting 3-star Win in Campaign?

No, you will get the same amount of reward. However, getting more starts will unlock the Campaign Achievement Rewards for you!

Does the aura buff increase total stats?

No, the aura effects only increase the base stats of the Champions, including stats from artifacts, skills, masteries, and the Great Hall bonuses. All of the bonus stats getting buffed during the battle don’t count.

Recommended Speed for CB Counter Attack Team

  • Brutal: 161-169 Speed
  • Nightmare: 171-179 Speed
  • Ultra Nightmare: 191-199 Speed

Quick Guide to All RAID Dungeons

Arcane Keep

Arcane Keep Boss

For more details, please visit our Arcane Keep guide.

Boss Skills

Wind Slash Attack all enemies, dealing 75% more damage to Champions who don’t have active buffs.
Last Stand 60% [Increase DEF] buff and 30% [Increase SPD] buff for 2 turns. Cooldown: 4 turns.
Almighty Immunity [Passive] Immune to Freeze, Stun, Provoke, Sleep, Fear, Block Active Skills, and True Fear debuffs. Immune to Cooldown Increasing effect, HP exchange effect, and HP re-balancing effect.
Left minion Decreases AoE Attack.
Right minion Removes AoE Buff.

How to defeat it?

You general can deal with him using your Clan Boss team because he is from the Void Affinity so there isn’t any Affinity weaknesses and bonuses here.

It’s best to keep the buffs on your Champions all the time because he can deal a lot of damage against non-buffed Champions.

Use Champions who give your team more survivability like Shield, Continous Heal, Increase Speed, Ally Protection, etc. and buffs that increase the damage of your team. Also consider using some debuffs like Decrease Defense, Decrease Attack, Weaken, Decrease Speed, etc. to defeat the boss even faster.

Remove his buffs using the [Remove Buffs] Skills.

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