Great Hall Guide – Best Stats To Upgrade

This following guide will show you how to gear your champions and allocate your RAID: Shadow Legends Great Hall’s points because it is quite easy to find stats (sub and main stats) from different types of gear and the Great Hall.

This guide was written because of the imbalance between the number of a given stat that can be obtained from mainstats, substats, gear types, or in the Great Hall.

RAID: Shadow Legends Great Hall

Quick Orientation

This sounds quite confusing, so let’s take a look at this table:

Stat Level 10 Hall 2 Set 5*/6* Mainstat Gear 5*/6* Substat Gear
Defense 20% 15% 50%/60% 5-6%/5-7%
Accuracy 80 40 78/96 8-11/9-12

As you can see the numbers here, the ratios aren’t exactly equal. For example, let’s look at 6* substats and the Great Hall.

If your Great Hall’s defense is level 10, and you have a 4 perfect 6* accuracy substats on your gear, you will have +20% defense and +48 accuracy. On the other hand, if your Great Hall’s ACC is level 10, and you have a 4 6* defense substats, you will have +28% defense and +80 accuracy. We can all see the big difference between here.

We all know that accuracy is the right choice in the Great Hall, especially in the Arena, but most people don’t know how this stat applies to the rest of the stats. Let’s take a quick look at the following table:

Stat Level 3/6/10 Hall 2 Set 5*/6* Mainstat Gear 5*/6* Substat Gear 5*/6* Amulet 5*/6* Banner
ACC/RES 15/40/80 40 78/96 8-11/9-12 N/A 78-96
DEF/Atk/HP 4/10/20% 15% 50/60% 5-6/5-7% N/A N/A
Crit Rate N/A 12% 50/60% 5-6/5-7% N/A N/A
Crit Damage 6/12/25% 20% 80% 5-6/5-7% 33/40% N/A
Speed N/A 12% 40/45 4-5/5-6 N/A N/A

Comparing the first two rows, we can see that:

  • ACC and RES are way much easier to get in the Great Hall than getting from substats on gears. This means that you should increase your ACC in the Great Hall until maxed out.
  • After comparing ACC/RES and DEF/Atk/HP, it is clear that there are huge differences when making these trade-offs. For example, the ratio of ACC/RES to:
    • DEF is in the Great Hall is 4
    • Set is 2.6
    • Mainstat gear is 1.6
    • Substat gear is 1.75
  • The higher the rate, the better the place to get ACC/RES, the lower, the worse. It means that the best place to increase ACC/RES is in the Great Hall, the worst place to get ACC/RES is in Amor pieces and substats on gears.
  • You also can get ACC on banner, but it depends on your base stats. If you have 20k base HP, the most effective way for your gears is to get ACC from banner and get %HP stat from your gear. But if you only have 15k base HP, it is better to use ACC gear with a HP banner. It is also applied to Atk and DEF. For example, you should use ACC gear and Atk/DEF banner if you have ~ 1000 Atk/DEF. In contrast, using Atk/DEF gear and ACC banner is better when you have ~1500 Atk/DEF.
  • Critical Rate set bonus give 12% Crit Rate, when comparing it with a 15% increased on DEF/Atk/Hp makes Crit Rate set is a weak set. One more thing that you can get 80% Crit Damage on a 6* gloves, while a 6* gloves can only give 60% Crit Rate, which can be found as substats. But it can be hard for most damage dealers to reach 85 – 100% Crit Rate from substats alone, even from masteries and perfect roll. You will need at least 10 – 12 Crit Rate at every piece of your gear to hit that level.
  • Critical Rate set gives a little more percentage than Crit Rate glove, since it only a small difference that the decision should be based on what other substats give or that set is the Divine version or not.
  • About Critical Damage, it is more effective to get it from the Great Hall, set and glove than other stats like Atk/DEF/HP. It generally always better to have Crit Damage than Atk/DEF/HP unless your champions are lack of these stats on amulet.
  • Speed is the most important stat in the Arena. Many players are willing to make huge sacrifices to exchange for more 10 – 20 speed. Because whoever goes first in the Arena is likely to have more chances to win. But this does not apply for dungeons or clan boss, where players mostly focus on raw stats like %Atk/DEF/Crit Rate/Crit Damage to deal as much damage as possible.
  • Speed set gives a %Speed bonus while mainstats and substats in gears give a flat number. So for the champion with a low base speed stat, it is often better to wear set with flat speed stat as mainstats/substats, while the faster ones gain more speed with the %Speed stat increase. If you can reach the necessary amount of speed through substats on other items, it is better than achieving that level through boot. For example, if your champions need ~ 180 speed for clan boss, you can use a %HP or %DEF boots with lots of Speed substate.

great hall raid shadow legends

The Great Hall

As mentioned above, the Great Hall is the best place to get ACC and RES. You probably want to upgrade ACC stat first because of the Arbiter mission. (You may want to focus on Magic Affinity ACC if you are using Kael, but it depends on what champions you are having now).

RES is not necessary for the early and mid-stage of the game, especially in clan boss and most dungeons. You can use a champion with block/remove skill or just simply ignore those debuffs. You only need to focus on RES if you want to compete in the high-level Arena.

The next thing that should be prioritized in the Great Hall is Crit Damage, especially in the first 3 levels, because it gives 50% more stats than Atk/DEF/HP. The rest 7 levels give slightly more stats than Atk/DEF/HP stat.

The costs to upgrade in the Great Hall isn’t cheap, the first 3 levels require 500 Bronze Medals, but it takes 1500 Silver Medals for the next 3 levels, and 2700 Gold Medals for the last 3 levels, which is insanely high.

In total, you should prioritize ACC and Crit Damage stat first and the affinity you used the most. Some players will save up for Void Affinity stats until they pull an excellent Void champion.

Besides the Arbiter missions, you shouldn’t have more than 2 or 3 upgrades ahead of other stats in the Great Hall, because of the high price.

For short, in the Great Hall, you should do as follow:

  • Level every Affinity except Void to level 1.
  • For the Arbiter missions, you should upgrade ACC to level 6 on Magic and Force affinities (Kael and Warmaiden), increase other stats to level 2 or 3 if you are ahead on medals.
  • Start increasing Void affinity’s Crit damage and ACC once you pull a good Void champion.
  • Upgrade Magic affinity’s ACC to level 10, and other stats to level 3 or 4, start with Crit Damage. These upgrades should prioritize on your most used affinity.
  • Try to upgrade every slot to level 6, again leading by 1 – 3 levels based on what champion you are using and your specific needs.


  • Focus on ACC and Crit Damage on the Great Hall, other stats like Crit Rate, Speed, and %Atk/DEF/HP can get as substats from Crit Damage gloves. You can get these stats on other gear if they are really high.
  • The divine version is worth considering. Crit Rate set bonus may not as good as Crit Damage or %Atk/DEF/HP, but Divine Crit Rate set is still very good since we don’t have DEF/Crit Damage and ACC sets in Divine version.
  • You should use Crit Rate glove with perfect overall substats than Crit Damage glove with bad substats.
  • You should pay attention to upgrade costs in the Great Hall. Few players will prioritize some slots to level 8 and leave others at level 2 only, this is due to their champion pool and their needs. The Arbiter missions are the exception.

Hopefully, you have found this RAID: Shadow Legends Great Hall Guide helpful!

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richard poor

Is there any limit as to how much you can build up your hall?
Or is it where you can just keep earning shields till you max out every stat?


for progression missions: if you have reached the level, will the progress mission automatically be completed or does it require the action to be done on the level?


Hello. Thanks for the guide. Just wanted to add some notes for medal substitutions that I learned. 1 silver medal can take the place of 2 bronze medals. More notes to come as they are discovered.


Wow, I love the way you explained it! It makes absolutely correct and concise decisions based on the way you put it here. Now I’m off to the Great Hall to fix those nasty mistakes I have made. Thank you!


Have there been changes in the game that would affect the strategy outlined in this post? For example, I believe glyphs may have impacted the ability to increase ACC or Crit Damage. Most of the great hall reviews I’ve seen are about a year old and from what I’m reading there have been many changes. Thanks, I really like this tutorial! It’s one of the most helpful I’ve seen.